Monday, November 28, 2011

Good day and "Rant Of The Day"

Today.... Well yesterday I guess.... November 27! Was a very good day :) I spent most of it with my boyfriend as it was our five month anniversary (pretty good for high school yeah?) and I got a message from the person selling me miku and she's super nice and I will get a link up to her stuff when I can :D

Speaking of links I have a link for a artist on deviant art that does a lot of what I plan to do with figma miku:

Yeah so good day but on to "Rant Of The Day":
Todays rant is USPS because it takes them too long to do anything! Just to know where my stuff is may take three days! It takes them that long to get everything computerized? Really?! What are we in the stone age here?!?! :P I really don't care that much I'm just happy I finally got Miku-chan! :DD

I won't post any more pictures of figma miku until I get her and take my own :P but I totally would if I thought people wouldn't be sick of it.... Ok never mind here are some more pics!!! Hahaha you must now look at them! >:D