Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sorry! Happy late thanksgiving everybody!

Yeah I'm sorry I haven't posted but I've been kinda busy with stuff lately :/

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Also sorry I'm late on that!

Been working with MMD and I finally fixed kika-chan's model :D I've also been looking into a hatsune miku figma for some photography stuff I want to do so I'm excited for that :D

I feel bad when I say I'm going to do something and then I have to put it off.... But sometimes things I like have to wait until things that are deemed "important" get done....

Like I said, Miku-chan figma! I tried to get one today(or yesterday I guess) but eBay wouldn't accept my gift card no matter what I did (four hours of working by the way) so I went into town and got an actual eBay card and it also doesn't work.... Fml!!! I tried almost all day... >:(

"Rant Of The Day":
eBay!!!!! Why you no work?!?! Gift card, paypal account nothing, nada, nix!!!! Grrrraaaaawwww!!!! *rage quit*