Thursday, December 22, 2011

Super mad!!! Rant Of The day!

Ok so I'm pretty angry with Dr. Pepper for their new ad campaign "not for women" is EXACTLY what they say!!!! Wow I thought we were past this you sexist pigs!!!! What happened to equal treatment?!?!?! Dose that fly out the window every time someone thinks it will help them make a quick buck? Why can't I drink it? Just because I don't have a penis that makes it ok to tell me it's not for me? Why are people so completely sexist blatantly on TV and not being called for their actions? I will not drink Dr. Pepper anything until they do something about this!!!! Such disrespect to all the women who worked hard for us to be equal here should not go unheard!!!!!

First the collage questions about who you want to rape now this? Will I have to move to Germany sooner than I thought just to be treated more equally??? Where is this world going?? How is this America? Where everyone is equal and free? No... Not anymore....

I hate people so much....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick update :)

Well lot is going on lately so I haven't been keeping up :/ SORRY!!!! :(

Ok so I'm telling my life story thursday. I'm excited but also a little anxious :/ I think it will be cool to tell everyone how I grew up and why I am the way I am :)

In other news my Miku is fixed! :DD I'm super excited for that too! Hahaha I'll put up a few pics I guess :) they were taken with my iPod so they are not great :/ my bad!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All set up and miku update

Ok so I'm set up to post pictures soon :) and eventually some videos :D

Miku update:
She is in china and I can track her now so we're doing good :) I hope she stays safe! Meanwhile I'm going to try and fix my other one but no promises :/ I'll post the few pics I have of her :) she's missing one twin-tail but she's still quite cute :) it's a rather good bootleg if I do say so myself ;D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ok time to catch up!

Ok so I had a lot of stuff going on lately but tis' the season! Yeah lots and lots......

So I got my Miku a while back but she broke right out of the box! Her hair snapped :/ I knew she was a bootleg but I didn't think she would fall apart directly out of the box :( but it's ok because the people I bought her form are super nice and are sending me a new one :) eventually I'll buy a real one and hopefully avoid all this trouble :/

On to other news...
Started drawing some new stuff so I should be getting that up soon :D sorry it always takes me forever...

I'll be writing some reviews for stuff a little later.... Like movies, books, and stuff :)

I'll post some more later as I can't remember what I was going to say :P hahaha

Sunday, December 4, 2011

MIKU HAS LANDED!!!! And craft fair!

Miku is in New York as of 1:11 today :DDDDD welcome to the states my little Miku-chan!!! She should be here before the week is over :DDDDD I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

In other news today was the grade schools holiday craft thing they do every year for kids to make stuff for presents to give to family members :) a lot of walden kids said they would help and out of all of them two other than me showed up!!!! >:( not ok guys! Not ok!!! So I give props to Lilly and Katlyn for showing up to help out! :) a few friends came last minute to help though so we weren't shorthanded luckily! Thanks guys!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Miku's home awaits her!

Ok when I was cleaning my room I decided I needed a place to put my miku figma when she gets here. So I set up a little area with some stuff I had on a dresser and took some very horrible pictures of it. :P

I also took a picture of some AT&T thing at my work that reminded me of miku's song hello planet :D

working away.....

I'm super tired but I am trying to get things done....... ugh... anyway I'm working on my next big project in 3D modeling! I'm going to start making a model of one of my favorite characters in blender... but which one? Maybe I'll do okami or something simple... well simpler than a lot of extra parts.... Hmm... eventually I want to make a few models of my characters and when I'm really good a model of miku!

Middle schoolers suck!!!! and Miku update

Yeah I know not a nice title but I'm really sick of them, not all but most...... I was sick of them in middle school and I'm still sick of them! So on Fridays I spend the day working with the computer teacher (who is also my friend) Mr. Heller, working on computer stuff and learning how to use blender (3D program that is amazing). But... his classroom/computer lab is in the middle school -_-; Most days the middle school kids only come in the afternoon but today they were in here most of the morning doing papers. Grr.

Oh well, what can you do? Anyway I hope to have more done on my secret final project :D I'm fairly excited and you should be too!! :D

Well I'll take a min to update you on my little Miku-chan :P (i even put it a special color for you :P):
She's still in china actually she specifically in Beijing :/ but that's ok as long as she's still moving around.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little worried.....

My Miku-chan is supposed to be a Bootleg so I'm a little bit worried that its going to fall apart or not be even remotely close to what I'm hoping for....... BUT I'm still excited and happy to get any Miku-chan related stuff :DDDD so I'm sure I'll still be very happy with what I get :)

Today was really bad at first but it got much much better. I woke up to the dryer not working right so my pants were still wet and I had to wear a pair that I really don't like. The butt-munches on my bus then HAD to blast country music (which I HATE WITH A PASSION) so loud that I couldn't even block it out with my death metal or anything else on my Ipod for that matter...... GRRR....... school was ok, not too much to report though. I heard my friend nick's life story and hung with my friends :)

Work went by pretty fast and I thought I did fairly well :) not much else to say about that......

I'm mad at my boyfriend because he was being really stupid and inconsiderate the other day..... also not much to say about that.........

So yeah, worried about my Miku-chan :/ but not that worried :)

Oh I'll be posting a few pictures a little later :D