Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little worried.....

My Miku-chan is supposed to be a Bootleg so I'm a little bit worried that its going to fall apart or not be even remotely close to what I'm hoping for....... BUT I'm still excited and happy to get any Miku-chan related stuff :DDDD so I'm sure I'll still be very happy with what I get :)

Today was really bad at first but it got much much better. I woke up to the dryer not working right so my pants were still wet and I had to wear a pair that I really don't like. The butt-munches on my bus then HAD to blast country music (which I HATE WITH A PASSION) so loud that I couldn't even block it out with my death metal or anything else on my Ipod for that matter...... GRRR....... school was ok, not too much to report though. I heard my friend nick's life story and hung with my friends :)

Work went by pretty fast and I thought I did fairly well :) not much else to say about that......

I'm mad at my boyfriend because he was being really stupid and inconsiderate the other day..... also not much to say about that.........

So yeah, worried about my Miku-chan :/ but not that worried :)

Oh I'll be posting a few pictures a little later :D

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