Friday, December 2, 2011

Middle schoolers suck!!!! and Miku update

Yeah I know not a nice title but I'm really sick of them, not all but most...... I was sick of them in middle school and I'm still sick of them! So on Fridays I spend the day working with the computer teacher (who is also my friend) Mr. Heller, working on computer stuff and learning how to use blender (3D program that is amazing). But... his classroom/computer lab is in the middle school -_-; Most days the middle school kids only come in the afternoon but today they were in here most of the morning doing papers. Grr.

Oh well, what can you do? Anyway I hope to have more done on my secret final project :D I'm fairly excited and you should be too!! :D

Well I'll take a min to update you on my little Miku-chan :P (i even put it a special color for you :P):
She's still in china actually she specifically in Beijing :/ but that's ok as long as she's still moving around.