Thursday, December 22, 2011

Super mad!!! Rant Of The day!

Ok so I'm pretty angry with Dr. Pepper for their new ad campaign "not for women" is EXACTLY what they say!!!! Wow I thought we were past this you sexist pigs!!!! What happened to equal treatment?!?!?! Dose that fly out the window every time someone thinks it will help them make a quick buck? Why can't I drink it? Just because I don't have a penis that makes it ok to tell me it's not for me? Why are people so completely sexist blatantly on TV and not being called for their actions? I will not drink Dr. Pepper anything until they do something about this!!!! Such disrespect to all the women who worked hard for us to be equal here should not go unheard!!!!!

First the collage questions about who you want to rape now this? Will I have to move to Germany sooner than I thought just to be treated more equally??? Where is this world going?? How is this America? Where everyone is equal and free? No... Not anymore....

I hate people so much....

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