Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So I will be updating soon I had to stop because of work but soon I promise!

I felt I needed to write because it is 12/12/12 and this will be the last time the date will ever be like this in my lifetime. By this I mean the numbers lining up in this way :)
I'm going to miss finding the date like this... It makes me a little sad...

I need to update soon....

Monday, November 26, 2012

project WIP pictures

So my new project is started! Its a husky tail :) this is the foam work for it!
I'll be posting my half furred pictures a little later.

So this is the tail but I have a ton of foam so I might make this into a partial fursuit. My mother said she would help :) I'm glad shes interested! Pictures of that soon too!

I'll be working a lot more so I won't be posting as much! Sorry guys!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricanes, SATs, and fursuits

The hurricane pretty much missed us this time and we only got sort of  high winds and some rain. I think only a few trees went down and we didn't have school one day *shrugs* thats fine with me! I do urge you to help those in need though because there are plenty of people still without power which means the food in the refrigerator is going bad and they can't get gas anywhere or they have to wait days for it.

So I also took the SATs last saturday.... it was awful and I didn't feel very prepared (not really sure how to be prepared for that the first time :/ ) Yeah... I really hated it I was there for four and a half hours and it was super irritating most of the time (I am so very very bad at math) but it is an important test so I'll have to take it again.... Damn....

So the tail.... this tail is taking so long! I really wish I could have worked on it this weekend more... but I do have it almost finished :) I only have to attach maybe five or six more peices :)

Fursuit update:
so I don't know what to do just yet... I can save the $67 for my fursuit that alithekitsune is making me or I can buy fur and either try and make one myself (not so sure I can do that now) or send it to the person that said she would make me one for almost free (not sure if she can make what I'm looking for though). so I'm pretty confused.

So many things happened in the last week or so that made me super mad! I'll be posting more rants soon :P so look forward to that or don't read them, whatever you want :P 

I'll also be updating stuff about the fursuit I may be making or buying or whichever :) stay tuned

(I have marked some stuff in colors red, green and blue to say what each paragraph is roughly about)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane update

So my friend and I had to run to Burlington for some stuff and at our last stop we left best buy and heard the entire fire department going off somewhere so we ran to the truck and I shot a quick video while on the way back! I'll show everyone later. The skys over Vermont are nearly black right now and its kind of scary driving back. But I'm sure I'll be fine :) I'll write more later hopefully. I hope we dont lose power, or at least for too long...

So hurricane?

So I'm currently very near the path of hurricane sandy and I don't have school tomorrow... I'm a little worried but mostly excited :) I hope that it wont be to bad though because we really don't need more people to be homeless...

So I'll be home tomorrow and I might be able to upload some stuff but I might not have power for a while... Anyway its still pretty exciting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feeling Anxious

I stayed home sick from school today... again... I've been pretty sick a lot lately and it really sucks....
I spent today working on a couple papers and messing around on some gaming sites. I actually did OK work for today I just haven't felt motivated by anything but art stuff and fursuits... and I know I'm not doing enough stuff for school but I just feel like I never get anything done because everything I really want to do is taking a really long time and its making me antsy. I need a job so I can start paying for stuff and saving up for things I really want. ugh! I'm just very frustrated with many things in my life right now... Especially the shitty internet....

Yesterday my friend bought me a skylander from the new game, giants. It's an updated whirlwind! I was very excited to see it so even though I don't have the new game I got her :) It was really hard to get her the first time so I wasn't going to pass it up! I looked into the new game a bit and I'm pretty excited for it. It looks pretty cool. I WANT FLASHWING!!!! Both of them! (sorry I'm excited!)

Fursuit Update(short):
I think I might use the foam I bought instead of sending it to the person who was going to make my fursuit head because I have started making one already... I'm not sure yet though...

Monday, October 22, 2012

What a weekend and fursuit updates

So this weekend has been kinda strange and one of those weekends where your not sure what happened on what day or if it was even this weekend. Yeah... It's probably not a good thing.... I'll have my rant later.
I worked on the tail commission a bit which is good. I was going to push to get it done by this weekend but some stuff came up... Go figure! None the less I did get some work done on it and I don't have very much more to do.

Fursuit update:
I have done the next short step to making a fursuit head and added the strips on the sides that the maw will be built off of and the hinge to be added soon after. :) ( ugh my hair looks pretty bad in these pictures :p )
I'm sorry if the pictures are not quite what you need just comment and I'll post more pictures from another angle maybe? Thanks everyone! I hope this will eventually help some people who want to make their own! stay tuned for a tutorial with a moving jaw too!

(For more on how I'm dealing with life issues see previous post)

A update from my phone

I'm posting this from my phone so it might not all be spelled correctly and what not. I appologize.

I have been going through a pretty tough year as far as my life goes and as far as many lives go. I try not to complain too much because I really don't like when people whine all the time about how their life sucks when from a lot of perspectives they 're doing pretty well.
But I am going to talk a bit about whats going on in my life because I'm having a hard time dealing with it.

So this year I lost a lot of things... I lost my grandmother who lived with us and was such a big influence on my life and whom I really loved, I lost a wonderful relationship that meant a great deal to me who was the probably the first person outside of my family that I had ever loved more than a friend and had been my longest relationship, I lost my best friend in the world who was always there for my and I had known from when I first started to have memories she was my first pet and I lost more things than just these three but as I'm crying now I need to look at the other side a bit.

I gained a lot this year as well. I gained a few new friends, a new relationship (that in hindsight might prove a bit healthier), a new member to our fur family, and a compleatly new look at the world that is probably an old look I had that has re-surfaced now that I have found others like me where once I thought myself to be alone.

This year has also started as the year I figure out colleges and SATs and all of that fun stuff -_-; so everything is crazy and only some of it is fun.

Wow this is a lot longer than I thought... Sorry guys! Thanks for listening to my thoughts though!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tails and fursuits!(mostly)

So I am almost done the big tail for my friend :) and I'm working on my fursuit head tonight and tomorrow I believe. This all depending on the tail as I'm getting it done so I can send it out Saturday or Monday :D

I'm pretty excited about it :) I really hope my friend likes it O_o

I'm also excited to get my first fursuit rolling :) I'll be posting pictures of most of my steps and maybe a tutorial if things go well as there are not enough plastic mesh/canvas tutorials... so I hope I can help some people!

On another note....
today was pretty bad... the only good parts of the day were one class a life story and seeing my friend and my "man-friend" as my other friend says ;p

I was just very easily irritated and upset-able I guess... I don't know. I guess it was just an irritating day...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

long couple of days... Fursuit update!

So the last few days have been pretty stressful with all of the college stuff I have to do now as well as normal high school drama -_-;

but I am getting some things done :D

Fursuit update:
I started working on my first fursuit head made entirely by me :)
This is what I have so far! Just the start of the plastic mesh/canvas base but I would love any advice people have on how to do a good moving jaw! ;_; I'm such a noob at this!!! HELP!

Friday, October 12, 2012

New-ish video of the tails

So I'm working away on some new stuff but I did update a video a while ago so you can see that. 

It's kind of just a little video my friend and I did to show off the tail a bit but then I didn't know what to do so I just messed around :P hope you like it!


"I AM LOSING MY MIND!!!! So I ran out of yarn yesterday D:
The black and white tail is still set to be done and delivered on time for Halloween but it might be a bit closer of a shave than I thought O_0

I really need to get more soon... Like this weekend soon. But the good news is its more than half done and the last bit goes pretty fast :)

On a happier note today I stayed in Burlington after school and found an old friend and a new one while waiting for my other friend to go to tea. We all had tea with my other friend then went to our new friends house for a bit and I now have more friends! Yay friends *durp* :P"

This was supposed to be up yesterday but my phone crapped out on me and kept just saving it as a draft instead of posting it! >_<

So my internet has been out and wouldn't work right the last like half the month! What the hell Hughes net!!!!???? You are probably the worst internet provider ever!! Next to dial up that is....

Hughes net uses a download allowance so you can only download so much before it slows down to a crawl where even Deviant art wont load pages -_-; this would even be ok if they didn't count youtube videos or streaming music.... yeah that makes life as an animator in training hard. so Hughes net you get the rant of the day congrats! * mumble* useless... irritating *mumble*

Sunday, September 30, 2012

First furmeet ever!

So yesterday was the first furmeet I've ever been to and it was awesome! Zak took me to meet everyone and say hi to the couple of them I already met. I ended up seeing an old friend there too! All in all it was a great time with everyone. Thanks everyone I had a wonderful time! :D

After the meet zak, camo, and I went for tea at our favorite tea shop and talked about the meet and conventions. ^_^

I have found someone to make me a fursuit for next to nothing as long as I get her the fur and foam. I'm making a tail for $70 that will pay for the fur but not the foam and its becoming a problem trying to figure out a way for her to pay me -_-; but I think we'll get it settled within a few days and I'm going to do my very best to get it to them before Halloween!

Well thats it for today but I'll be posting much more I hope! :)

Oh I have a tumbler now :p I might post links later... I haven't used it that much yet :p

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello furry friends!

So this weekend was great! I went with my friend to go see the gay pride parade in Burlington and went to the party in battery park :D It was great! I was surprised by how many churches were supporters too! I ended up seeing two of my friends there and got to meet some cool people.

After that we went to go see our other friend who was fursuiting on church street like we planned. I was met with a delightful surprise when we turned the corner and found not one but three fursuiters! My friend had planned it all and just never told me! I knew them too! one was my friend I was told we were going to see and the other two were brother and sister and I had met the brother before :D I had a great time with them and we ended up seeing my friends from the party too. They loved the fact I was with fursuiters and freaked out when they saw me. After they decided that it was getting hot we went out for tea :D

This concluded my first time around fursuits and suiters! :D just a quick shout out to them! Thanks guys I had a wonderful time and I'm super excited about this coming Saturday!

Speaking of Saturday... the VT fur meet is this coming Saturday and I hope to see everyone there!

My next post will probably be about the canoe trip I just got back from last Thursday :/ maybe...

Sorry for not posting lately, things have been crazy :/

I have yarn tail commissions on Deviant art and Fur Affinity as well so check them out! I'll post links and videos and stuff when I can next :P thanks!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hanging out and a fun adventure!

So first off the fur meet.... we ended up just hanging instead because bowling didn't sound too fun and we didn't want to see some people :P but yeah I think we might catch the next one :)

I was walking with Zak and we found a hidden key :D it was really cool!!! I'll post a video soon :D

We also went up to Burlington one day and had tons of fun :D I'll post pictures and stuff in another post as the pictures are on Zak's phone :P

My phone has been broken and useless for about a week so I just got my replacement in the mail a day or so ago -_-; I'm really happy now though :)

I'm starting a web comic with Zak soon :3 it will be furry based but not yiff-related :P it's mostly things that have come up in our weird conversations :P most of my friends will have roles in this and there will be many strange visitors :3

More things to say later :P

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey every one!

So I'm testing the scheduled gadget so I know if I can change it and stuff :D and I'm setting it up just in case I forget to post tomorrow >_< which I might.... anyway :P I'm getting ready for the Fur meet.... I'm still worried about what will happen.... I might make a new blog just for Fur stuff but I'm not sure yet... bleh I'll figure it out :P so I'll write more at a later date :P thanks I'll tell you how it goes!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Long rant and then fursuiting update!

Big Rant(skip to next paragraph for better stuff) : So the other day was absolutely horrid for 90% of the day..... I actually got to sit and work on my computer.... For like two minutes... Then it was Runzi why haven't you done the dishes or Runzi take care of the litter or Runzi come help me do this stupid little job I can easily do myself but am too lazy to do!!! My goodness today my whole family had a collective iq of a box of rocks! I know their smarter than that! My parents almost ignored me all day, while they built a studio for my mom..... This would be fine but the only time either of them talked to me today was to complain about something I was doing or to compare my friends to each other >_< and then my sister, her friend, and my boyfriend where all yelling at the same time in one room three feet from each other to try and be heard over themselves and the blareing radio.... I was so pissed I turned the radio of and screamed almost as loud as I could for them to be quiet. It worked :/ I mean I was so over loaded I couldnt think so I just screamed "be quiet!"
Yeah then I was told by my father to feed the cat... I was told five times and answered yes hold on I'll feed the cat every time.... I was asked a sixth time after I had fed the cat and yelled that I had done it and for the last time I got it! And was yelled at for attitude -_- im so sick of this already... I dont want to be home because this is all that happens lately -_-; it really pisses me right off....

Yeah that was a bad day but I'm doing better now ^-^ today my friend took me shopping and we talked about stuff that was bothering us and now I feel better :P anyway today was good :D

So tomorrow is my first fur meet.... I'm excited... but I'm also a little worried.... I don't usually care what people think but I really want them to like me... I guess I'm nervous because I don't have a real suit yet... just my tail and half done paws ;_; but I think I'll be welcomed :) most furs are very sweet... Everything for Fursuiting will be in white I think :D makes it stand out :P

still no job... anyway I'll post some more tomorrow :P I need to go to bed to be ready for tomorrow.... I also need to stop being up to ungodly hours -_-; night!

Friday, July 20, 2012

My first update video :P

Just my update on fur stuff and to tell people I'm still alive and not harmed or something :P

Its not very long and the end has cute annoying music ^_^; it also has my new tag :P

OK batman :D and other stuff

So batman was awesome and I'll do a review if people want me too but I don't know yet....

Bleh so I've been really stressed lately... for many personal reasons... os BLEEEEH >_<;;;
I'm editing my videos now though so yeah thats good :P 

The other day I had mouse trouble -_-; so today's Rant Of The Day:
Stupid mouse! I cleaned it and it's only built to move and click anyway! why wont you just do what your supposed to for five minuets!!! bleh computer trouble!

I'll post again in a little while to show you my new video... maybe another one a little later :P its a little update thing ^_^;

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fursuit, job hunting, and other stuff....

Yeah I did go job hunting...... still nothing but I do have other news :D

I've mentioned the yarn tails before and I only have my purple one right now... but I have started on my white with black ones and I've decided that I'm a furry and I'm happy about it :) so I've started on a fursuit of Runzi and will be posting lots of pictures of stuff I'm working on with that :)

Probably late tonight/tomorrow morning I'll have some pictures up of my test hand paws and the yarn tail... yeah after I go see BATMAN!!! if we do go :P anyway....

Also, I will be putting up a video or two of the tail and hand paws(unfinished) just to let people know I'm not dead >_<;;; 

I'll post more later I hope :P see ya later!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bad day and "Rant Of The Day"

Yay a post today! Still really sorry I haven't updated like I've been saying I would but im doing better now :p

Ok so in my last post I mentioned pewdiepie ^_^ he's this really funny guy on youtube that my cousin showed me when she was visiting so I thought I would tell you guys about him ^_^ he mostly does videos of him playing scary games like amnesia! so look him up :D he's super funny!

I'm currently looking for a new job I guess.... I haven't had any hours and now there's new people working there so... I guess I'll be out of work soon -_-;; great.... (read below for more)

I revised my resume and will be printing it tomorrow to hand out to potential bosses....

I'm not very happy...

I also had a bad day because of all this other stress I have from my friends and my boyfriend....

He made me super upset today after I helped him get his friend from the airport...

bad day all around....

this next part is my rant you don't have to read it if you don't want to its just me blowing off steam -_-;
its usually in good humor :P

Rant Of The Day:
So today's rant is about where I work.... I usually don't mind my work. I like working, but I have only worked two days in the last like three months! I have to pay for my phone bill right now and eventually I have to pay for trips and clothes and other important things like collage -_-;; I'm never going to have money at this rate!! I need hours to make money!!! Its even worse now because before it was me my boss and like three other people, one of them just quit/was fired/ went on leave/ I have no idea what actually happened! I thought that would mean more hours for me and the guy I usually see but NOPE no hours for Runzi this week and wouldn't you know? Two new people working! YEAH TWO NEW PEOPLE! I went in today to see my boss and ask for hours and couldn't find him but I DID find two people working that I have never seen... not ONCE have I EVER seen them. So I'm pretty pissed and this isn't even the first time I haven't had hours...
Solution? Tomorrow I look for a new job....

See you all tomorrow! Wish me luck... I'll need it

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey what's up guys!?

Hey so sorry I haven't updated I've had a lot... A LOT... going on :/ good and bad...

I am working on requests for people still and soon I will be posting about yarn tails for people but those will cost money or points or trades... or favors or something >_<

anyway yeah yarn tails are easy to make but take forever and I'm not sure what they will cost yet... I'll have some pictures up on deviant art of a few I have done so far with my friends soon. ^_^

yeah lots going on.... I'll make another post super soon when I have more time ^-^; ugh... yeah... later!

no more pewdiepie videos till I post again! promise!! >_<;;

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long time no see ;)

Hey sorry I've been gone everyone! I had lots going on but im back now and will be keeping you updated much more often now ;p

so stuff I've been working on:

  • Blender 2D animation
  • requests from deviant art
  • Learning html code ;P
  • Drawing
  • Packing for my trip to see my aunt
  • Waiting to go get my cousin at the airport this Saturday
  • Chores
  • playing with my NEW FERRET XD
Yeah I finally got my ferret Lilu from some kind of shady people who were trying but really weren't taking very good care of her :/ but she's doing better now :D I'll have pictures up of her soon she's a little albino and I loves her so! :) I may start a side thing just of stuff she does xp

I'm super excited for my cousin to come up from Wyoming! The last time I saw her her mom and her came up for grandmas funeral... so I'll be happy to see her on happier circumstances!

I'm packing to go visit my other aunt in new york for a couple of days :D I'm pretty excited to see her and my cousins before the two of them leave on their trips. both my cousins are going out of country for a while so my aunt is throwing an everything party so they wont miss anything! XD

Anyway lots going on and I'm in a better mood than I thought I would be :D

As an aside I'm drinking tea :D its super good and in a smiley cup :D

Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the year reflection(late work)

<p>So we've finally hit the end of the year. We had a wonderful year full of excitement and new experiences. I feel like this was one of the best years of my life. I met people I never would have met and became very close to people I had known for years but never really connected to. Throughout the year we all became a family and made deep connections. On the first trip we had a back rubbing circle that broke the ice and we started then to bond. We had problems too but we always got together and fixed them as a group. Addressing problems together made us so much stronger as a community.<br>
<p>As a person I feel like this year has been a big leap forward for me. I feel that I learned a lot about myself. I learned how to push myself and where my limits are. I worked hard to bring things to walden and to make sure I wasn't taking more than I was giving. I had anxiety attacks before I started walden and I had almost none all year. I know walden is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Being in the cities on the trips was a strange experience for me but it was fun and new. I feel like I grew much more than I thought I would.
The group was amazing and always there for each other. They never really put each other down. All of the trips were great and very eye-opening for a lot of us. We grew to be a family and will miss each other very much. I didnt know if I would get along with them at first because a few of us have a history that made things a little awkward for a while, but in the end evrything ended well.
In the end everything went amazingly and I had the time of my life. The group was amazing and we all grew so much. I feel like the year was amazing and im excited about next year as well as sad this one has come to a close.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little update

Well I'm going to do a quick update I guess :) so I'm working away at all the stuff I have to do for my portfolio which is due in a few days and I'm pretty stressed out O.o although who wouldn't be right? I should post more and I probably will..... bleh so confused lately!

I'm going to do the art requests after all of my stuff is done and I'm no longer stressing so badly. I also have a trip coming up and I might have to finish stuff after that.

If you want me to do an art piece for you after all of this then just Email me I think my email is in my profile but its just my username @ gmail . com :) or message me on any of my other accounts thanks I have to go type my fingers off now :P

I have much much more planned so stay tuned :P

Friday, April 20, 2012

ugh bad... Just bad.... (solo-day reflection)

Last night was terrible after I found out someone close to me has been lying to me and conveniently "forgets" all the other times they have lied to me.... so today started like yesterday ended.... badly.... I'm hanging with Heller today so it's a little better but still. I couldn't even talk to that someone because they conveniently showed up late this morning. Funny how when I need to talk to them they're late but when they need to get an xbox they can be here on time!! I'm super upset and they wont even try to see me.

So anyway before everything went bad yesterday we had a solo day at school. we were given a spot in the woods to be for the whole school day by ourselves... with no technology *gasp* :P

I had this spot by a fallen tree and a few feet from the rock face that leads to the water. I really hate water but I liked that I could hear the waves on the rocks as I find it very calming. When I got settled I sat for a little while just thinking about the morning and what was going on this weekend. Then I decided to meditate for a little while. I meditated on focusing my energy and the I contemplated things that are going on and have been going on  for a while.

Off topic for a sec...
I'll continue talking a bout that in a second but I just spoke to / yelled at an entire class of ignorant rude middle school children for bullying and badmouthing anime club/ anime lovers in general. They were talking about a student and how it was "uncool" of them to like anime and they were "stupid" for it. I was so angry the entire class ended up listening to me talking to them and telling them they were rude and obnoxious and bullies for talking like that and how they should be ashamed to speak of someone like that. Their teacher stood up and thanked me and apologized for his students ( I liked this teacher before but he handled this situation very well so extra points to him) He was very happy someone came forward about bullying. so that's that I yelled at someone because they were being bullies and because they were bad mouthing anime :P

^all this was from last friday :P

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A poem about my excitement!

I'll tell you the title after you read it ;)

I am taking this. Why? Well I like it so it is mine... Well I will like it later so it is mine.... Well you do not want me to have it so it is mine. I am taking this too. What do you mean where? To my secret hiding place duh! Why?! Is that even a question?! Because I WANT them so they are MINE!! Why do you ask such dumb questions? Ugh! ... Ooh thats shiny I will take that too.... On my next trip.

This is just a draft of my poem "treasure thief" :)
For those of you who dont understand it's about ferrets and how they like to steal little treasures.

I'm excited to say I might get a ferret!!! I used to have two before my little sister was born.... Ten years ago.... And dad finally said if I did some stuff for him he would let me get one :DD so I'm super excited!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Long time no see!

So I was going to write a super long update.... But I decided not to and pretty much just skip to lately.... So my grandmother who lived with us passed two or three weeks ago. She was very sick and fairly old. So I was pretty upset about that.... And her wake was last Monday and I love my family but there were way to many people in my house and Then the day I went back to school a lot of people were visiting walden. Needless to say I left for half of the next day because of an anxiety attack.... Ugh rough week... Anyway lots of things are going on that I will be writing about as I get back in the swing of things! :) wish me luck!

Friday, January 20, 2012

long day and its not even noon!!!

Today I am having a bad day.... Its just not a good day... I'm upset but I REALLY don't want to talk about it. Too many people have asked me if I was okay... I'll be fine! Like I said just a bad day.... very bad but I'll be fine after a good nights sleep and a little time away from... my stress.

I watched "The girl with the dragon tattoo" yesterday after being upset most of the day... it was a good movie but I'm still processing it I guess... I didn't know it was three hours long and when it was over it took me and my friend a long time to get home because of weather and a pretty bad accident on the main road. We had to take the back roads to get home.... I got home in time to go to bed -_-; ugh.... Yesterday kinda sucked....

This whole week kinda sucked... I think I'll sleep through tomorrow.... what a waste.....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well.... Today was an okay day...

Well I feel pretty good about how today went :) I think the portfolio check in went rather well :) I will be updating my work stuff soon so a few fairly good drafts of papers and some finished ones will be up soon.
We also got our walden hoodies today!!!! :DDDDD I'm so happy!!!

So I have recently been reintroduced to a tv series I used to watch when I was younger and I have decided to make it a new blender project so just wait and see my model for jenny XJ-9 wakeman from "My life as a teenage robot" :D I'll leave a few pictures of what she looks like so you'll know who I'm talking about.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm swamped and being yelled at!

Some people seem to think what I'm doing is easy and that I'm wasting time "playing on the computer" I'm NOT "playing" what I do is what I plan to do in collage and for a living after collage! All day I've been working away to try and make my portfolio up to par or at least as close as I can! I was just yelled at and accused of skipping school to play on the computer. NO I've not been messing around I have been working hard to get things done. I try really hard to balance school and what little work I do have with being a good friend and a good girlfriend.... normal people would not have too much trouble with this but I am no normal person... I have depression issues as well as many other issues with other things... I am not making excuses I'm just asking for a little recognition as a hard working girl! I do not deserve to be yelled at for WORKING ALL DAY!!! -_-; so that is my rant of the day.... ugh sooo much stress.... that I don't need...

Lots to catch up on...

So portfolios are due in like a day and I'm doing ok but I hope to get a lot more done by then or at least show that I'm working on something (and am not a waste of time and space -_-; )

I can't really show the steps of how I'm making this little glass thing in blender with pictures so I'm just going to write about it here to try and show how difficult it is for me to figure out on my own (-_-) ugh....

Well I decided a martini glass would be fairly simple to figure out so I started with that in mind. I simply placed a mesh cone upside down on a mesh rectangle and "extruded" (pulled the material) at the bottom of the rectangle down into a base. That was the easy part. I then had to figure out how to make the shape see through and shiny like real glass. Through mostly testing what buttons and settings do what, I learned how to change the transparency and mirror to fit what I was looking for. This took much longer because the lighting was hard to move to a spot that would really show off the glint of glass. I think more things in the background will help. I just added part of a glass box around the glass to show the effects more efficiently. I am currently working on making a little umbrella and testing the liquid simulation for some more practice :)

In other news my grandmother is getting crazier and crazier each day and it's really starting to get to me... But I'm sure I'll be fine :) something like this had to happen sometime... as sad as it is...

So all in all I'm working hard and learning what I need but also what I really want to learn. Oh walden where would I be without you? Dying in public school ;P

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy birthday to me!!! XP

So the holidays are done and it's technically my birthday now :D yay January 3!!!!! Lots of fun stuff going up soon on deviant art and even possibly YouTube :D I'm excited and you should be too!!!!

Lots to rant about but that will have to wait till later cause I actually have to try and sleep :p