Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm swamped and being yelled at!

Some people seem to think what I'm doing is easy and that I'm wasting time "playing on the computer" I'm NOT "playing" what I do is what I plan to do in collage and for a living after collage! All day I've been working away to try and make my portfolio up to par or at least as close as I can! I was just yelled at and accused of skipping school to play on the computer. NO I've not been messing around I have been working hard to get things done. I try really hard to balance school and what little work I do have with being a good friend and a good girlfriend.... normal people would not have too much trouble with this but I am no normal person... I have depression issues as well as many other issues with other things... I am not making excuses I'm just asking for a little recognition as a hard working girl! I do not deserve to be yelled at for WORKING ALL DAY!!! -_-; so that is my rant of the day.... ugh sooo much stress.... that I don't need...

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