Friday, January 20, 2012

long day and its not even noon!!!

Today I am having a bad day.... Its just not a good day... I'm upset but I REALLY don't want to talk about it. Too many people have asked me if I was okay... I'll be fine! Like I said just a bad day.... very bad but I'll be fine after a good nights sleep and a little time away from... my stress.

I watched "The girl with the dragon tattoo" yesterday after being upset most of the day... it was a good movie but I'm still processing it I guess... I didn't know it was three hours long and when it was over it took me and my friend a long time to get home because of weather and a pretty bad accident on the main road. We had to take the back roads to get home.... I got home in time to go to bed -_-; ugh.... Yesterday kinda sucked....

This whole week kinda sucked... I think I'll sleep through tomorrow.... what a waste.....

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