Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A poem about my excitement!

I'll tell you the title after you read it ;)

I am taking this. Why? Well I like it so it is mine... Well I will like it later so it is mine.... Well you do not want me to have it so it is mine. I am taking this too. What do you mean where? To my secret hiding place duh! Why?! Is that even a question?! Because I WANT them so they are MINE!! Why do you ask such dumb questions? Ugh! ... Ooh thats shiny I will take that too.... On my next trip.

This is just a draft of my poem "treasure thief" :)
For those of you who dont understand it's about ferrets and how they like to steal little treasures.

I'm excited to say I might get a ferret!!! I used to have two before my little sister was born.... Ten years ago.... And dad finally said if I did some stuff for him he would let me get one :DD so I'm super excited!!!