Friday, April 20, 2012

ugh bad... Just bad.... (solo-day reflection)

Last night was terrible after I found out someone close to me has been lying to me and conveniently "forgets" all the other times they have lied to me.... so today started like yesterday ended.... badly.... I'm hanging with Heller today so it's a little better but still. I couldn't even talk to that someone because they conveniently showed up late this morning. Funny how when I need to talk to them they're late but when they need to get an xbox they can be here on time!! I'm super upset and they wont even try to see me.

So anyway before everything went bad yesterday we had a solo day at school. we were given a spot in the woods to be for the whole school day by ourselves... with no technology *gasp* :P

I had this spot by a fallen tree and a few feet from the rock face that leads to the water. I really hate water but I liked that I could hear the waves on the rocks as I find it very calming. When I got settled I sat for a little while just thinking about the morning and what was going on this weekend. Then I decided to meditate for a little while. I meditated on focusing my energy and the I contemplated things that are going on and have been going on  for a while.

Off topic for a sec...
I'll continue talking a bout that in a second but I just spoke to / yelled at an entire class of ignorant rude middle school children for bullying and badmouthing anime club/ anime lovers in general. They were talking about a student and how it was "uncool" of them to like anime and they were "stupid" for it. I was so angry the entire class ended up listening to me talking to them and telling them they were rude and obnoxious and bullies for talking like that and how they should be ashamed to speak of someone like that. Their teacher stood up and thanked me and apologized for his students ( I liked this teacher before but he handled this situation very well so extra points to him) He was very happy someone came forward about bullying. so that's that I yelled at someone because they were being bullies and because they were bad mouthing anime :P

^all this was from last friday :P