Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fursuit, job hunting, and other stuff....

Yeah I did go job hunting...... still nothing but I do have other news :D

I've mentioned the yarn tails before and I only have my purple one right now... but I have started on my white with black ones and I've decided that I'm a furry and I'm happy about it :) so I've started on a fursuit of Runzi and will be posting lots of pictures of stuff I'm working on with that :)

Probably late tonight/tomorrow morning I'll have some pictures up of my test hand paws and the yarn tail... yeah after I go see BATMAN!!! if we do go :P anyway....

Also, I will be putting up a video or two of the tail and hand paws(unfinished) just to let people know I'm not dead >_<;;; 

I'll post more later I hope :P see ya later!