Saturday, July 28, 2012

Long rant and then fursuiting update!

Big Rant(skip to next paragraph for better stuff) : So the other day was absolutely horrid for 90% of the day..... I actually got to sit and work on my computer.... For like two minutes... Then it was Runzi why haven't you done the dishes or Runzi take care of the litter or Runzi come help me do this stupid little job I can easily do myself but am too lazy to do!!! My goodness today my whole family had a collective iq of a box of rocks! I know their smarter than that! My parents almost ignored me all day, while they built a studio for my mom..... This would be fine but the only time either of them talked to me today was to complain about something I was doing or to compare my friends to each other >_< and then my sister, her friend, and my boyfriend where all yelling at the same time in one room three feet from each other to try and be heard over themselves and the blareing radio.... I was so pissed I turned the radio of and screamed almost as loud as I could for them to be quiet. It worked :/ I mean I was so over loaded I couldnt think so I just screamed "be quiet!"
Yeah then I was told by my father to feed the cat... I was told five times and answered yes hold on I'll feed the cat every time.... I was asked a sixth time after I had fed the cat and yelled that I had done it and for the last time I got it! And was yelled at for attitude -_- im so sick of this already... I dont want to be home because this is all that happens lately -_-; it really pisses me right off....

Yeah that was a bad day but I'm doing better now ^-^ today my friend took me shopping and we talked about stuff that was bothering us and now I feel better :P anyway today was good :D

So tomorrow is my first fur meet.... I'm excited... but I'm also a little worried.... I don't usually care what people think but I really want them to like me... I guess I'm nervous because I don't have a real suit yet... just my tail and half done paws ;_; but I think I'll be welcomed :) most furs are very sweet... Everything for Fursuiting will be in white I think :D makes it stand out :P

still no job... anyway I'll post some more tomorrow :P I need to go to bed to be ready for tomorrow.... I also need to stop being up to ungodly hours -_-; night!