Monday, August 20, 2012

Hanging out and a fun adventure!

So first off the fur meet.... we ended up just hanging instead because bowling didn't sound too fun and we didn't want to see some people :P but yeah I think we might catch the next one :)

I was walking with Zak and we found a hidden key :D it was really cool!!! I'll post a video soon :D

We also went up to Burlington one day and had tons of fun :D I'll post pictures and stuff in another post as the pictures are on Zak's phone :P

My phone has been broken and useless for about a week so I just got my replacement in the mail a day or so ago -_-; I'm really happy now though :)

I'm starting a web comic with Zak soon :3 it will be furry based but not yiff-related :P it's mostly things that have come up in our weird conversations :P most of my friends will have roles in this and there will be many strange visitors :3

More things to say later :P