Sunday, September 30, 2012

First furmeet ever!

So yesterday was the first furmeet I've ever been to and it was awesome! Zak took me to meet everyone and say hi to the couple of them I already met. I ended up seeing an old friend there too! All in all it was a great time with everyone. Thanks everyone I had a wonderful time! :D

After the meet zak, camo, and I went for tea at our favorite tea shop and talked about the meet and conventions. ^_^

I have found someone to make me a fursuit for next to nothing as long as I get her the fur and foam. I'm making a tail for $70 that will pay for the fur but not the foam and its becoming a problem trying to figure out a way for her to pay me -_-; but I think we'll get it settled within a few days and I'm going to do my very best to get it to them before Halloween!

Well thats it for today but I'll be posting much more I hope! :)

Oh I have a tumbler now :p I might post links later... I haven't used it that much yet :p

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello furry friends!

So this weekend was great! I went with my friend to go see the gay pride parade in Burlington and went to the party in battery park :D It was great! I was surprised by how many churches were supporters too! I ended up seeing two of my friends there and got to meet some cool people.

After that we went to go see our other friend who was fursuiting on church street like we planned. I was met with a delightful surprise when we turned the corner and found not one but three fursuiters! My friend had planned it all and just never told me! I knew them too! one was my friend I was told we were going to see and the other two were brother and sister and I had met the brother before :D I had a great time with them and we ended up seeing my friends from the party too. They loved the fact I was with fursuiters and freaked out when they saw me. After they decided that it was getting hot we went out for tea :D

This concluded my first time around fursuits and suiters! :D just a quick shout out to them! Thanks guys I had a wonderful time and I'm super excited about this coming Saturday!

Speaking of Saturday... the VT fur meet is this coming Saturday and I hope to see everyone there!

My next post will probably be about the canoe trip I just got back from last Thursday :/ maybe...

Sorry for not posting lately, things have been crazy :/

I have yarn tail commissions on Deviant art and Fur Affinity as well so check them out! I'll post links and videos and stuff when I can next :P thanks!