Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane update

So my friend and I had to run to Burlington for some stuff and at our last stop we left best buy and heard the entire fire department going off somewhere so we ran to the truck and I shot a quick video while on the way back! I'll show everyone later. The skys over Vermont are nearly black right now and its kind of scary driving back. But I'm sure I'll be fine :) I'll write more later hopefully. I hope we dont lose power, or at least for too long...

So hurricane?

So I'm currently very near the path of hurricane sandy and I don't have school tomorrow... I'm a little worried but mostly excited :) I hope that it wont be to bad though because we really don't need more people to be homeless...

So I'll be home tomorrow and I might be able to upload some stuff but I might not have power for a while... Anyway its still pretty exciting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feeling Anxious

I stayed home sick from school today... again... I've been pretty sick a lot lately and it really sucks....
I spent today working on a couple papers and messing around on some gaming sites. I actually did OK work for today I just haven't felt motivated by anything but art stuff and fursuits... and I know I'm not doing enough stuff for school but I just feel like I never get anything done because everything I really want to do is taking a really long time and its making me antsy. I need a job so I can start paying for stuff and saving up for things I really want. ugh! I'm just very frustrated with many things in my life right now... Especially the shitty internet....

Yesterday my friend bought me a skylander from the new game, giants. It's an updated whirlwind! I was very excited to see it so even though I don't have the new game I got her :) It was really hard to get her the first time so I wasn't going to pass it up! I looked into the new game a bit and I'm pretty excited for it. It looks pretty cool. I WANT FLASHWING!!!! Both of them! (sorry I'm excited!)

Fursuit Update(short):
I think I might use the foam I bought instead of sending it to the person who was going to make my fursuit head because I have started making one already... I'm not sure yet though...

Monday, October 22, 2012

What a weekend and fursuit updates

So this weekend has been kinda strange and one of those weekends where your not sure what happened on what day or if it was even this weekend. Yeah... It's probably not a good thing.... I'll have my rant later.
I worked on the tail commission a bit which is good. I was going to push to get it done by this weekend but some stuff came up... Go figure! None the less I did get some work done on it and I don't have very much more to do.

Fursuit update:
I have done the next short step to making a fursuit head and added the strips on the sides that the maw will be built off of and the hinge to be added soon after. :) ( ugh my hair looks pretty bad in these pictures :p )
I'm sorry if the pictures are not quite what you need just comment and I'll post more pictures from another angle maybe? Thanks everyone! I hope this will eventually help some people who want to make their own! stay tuned for a tutorial with a moving jaw too!

(For more on how I'm dealing with life issues see previous post)

A update from my phone

I'm posting this from my phone so it might not all be spelled correctly and what not. I appologize.

I have been going through a pretty tough year as far as my life goes and as far as many lives go. I try not to complain too much because I really don't like when people whine all the time about how their life sucks when from a lot of perspectives they 're doing pretty well.
But I am going to talk a bit about whats going on in my life because I'm having a hard time dealing with it.

So this year I lost a lot of things... I lost my grandmother who lived with us and was such a big influence on my life and whom I really loved, I lost a wonderful relationship that meant a great deal to me who was the probably the first person outside of my family that I had ever loved more than a friend and had been my longest relationship, I lost my best friend in the world who was always there for my and I had known from when I first started to have memories she was my first pet and I lost more things than just these three but as I'm crying now I need to look at the other side a bit.

I gained a lot this year as well. I gained a few new friends, a new relationship (that in hindsight might prove a bit healthier), a new member to our fur family, and a compleatly new look at the world that is probably an old look I had that has re-surfaced now that I have found others like me where once I thought myself to be alone.

This year has also started as the year I figure out colleges and SATs and all of that fun stuff -_-; so everything is crazy and only some of it is fun.

Wow this is a lot longer than I thought... Sorry guys! Thanks for listening to my thoughts though!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tails and fursuits!(mostly)

So I am almost done the big tail for my friend :) and I'm working on my fursuit head tonight and tomorrow I believe. This all depending on the tail as I'm getting it done so I can send it out Saturday or Monday :D

I'm pretty excited about it :) I really hope my friend likes it O_o

I'm also excited to get my first fursuit rolling :) I'll be posting pictures of most of my steps and maybe a tutorial if things go well as there are not enough plastic mesh/canvas tutorials... so I hope I can help some people!

On another note....
today was pretty bad... the only good parts of the day were one class a life story and seeing my friend and my "man-friend" as my other friend says ;p

I was just very easily irritated and upset-able I guess... I don't know. I guess it was just an irritating day...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

long couple of days... Fursuit update!

So the last few days have been pretty stressful with all of the college stuff I have to do now as well as normal high school drama -_-;

but I am getting some things done :D

Fursuit update:
I started working on my first fursuit head made entirely by me :)
This is what I have so far! Just the start of the plastic mesh/canvas base but I would love any advice people have on how to do a good moving jaw! ;_; I'm such a noob at this!!! HELP!

Friday, October 12, 2012

New-ish video of the tails

So I'm working away on some new stuff but I did update a video a while ago so you can see that. 

It's kind of just a little video my friend and I did to show off the tail a bit but then I didn't know what to do so I just messed around :P hope you like it!


"I AM LOSING MY MIND!!!! So I ran out of yarn yesterday D:
The black and white tail is still set to be done and delivered on time for Halloween but it might be a bit closer of a shave than I thought O_0

I really need to get more soon... Like this weekend soon. But the good news is its more than half done and the last bit goes pretty fast :)

On a happier note today I stayed in Burlington after school and found an old friend and a new one while waiting for my other friend to go to tea. We all had tea with my other friend then went to our new friends house for a bit and I now have more friends! Yay friends *durp* :P"

This was supposed to be up yesterday but my phone crapped out on me and kept just saving it as a draft instead of posting it! >_<

So my internet has been out and wouldn't work right the last like half the month! What the hell Hughes net!!!!???? You are probably the worst internet provider ever!! Next to dial up that is....

Hughes net uses a download allowance so you can only download so much before it slows down to a crawl where even Deviant art wont load pages -_-; this would even be ok if they didn't count youtube videos or streaming music.... yeah that makes life as an animator in training hard. so Hughes net you get the rant of the day congrats! * mumble* useless... irritating *mumble*