Friday, October 12, 2012


"I AM LOSING MY MIND!!!! So I ran out of yarn yesterday D:
The black and white tail is still set to be done and delivered on time for Halloween but it might be a bit closer of a shave than I thought O_0

I really need to get more soon... Like this weekend soon. But the good news is its more than half done and the last bit goes pretty fast :)

On a happier note today I stayed in Burlington after school and found an old friend and a new one while waiting for my other friend to go to tea. We all had tea with my other friend then went to our new friends house for a bit and I now have more friends! Yay friends *durp* :P"

This was supposed to be up yesterday but my phone crapped out on me and kept just saving it as a draft instead of posting it! >_<

So my internet has been out and wouldn't work right the last like half the month! What the hell Hughes net!!!!???? You are probably the worst internet provider ever!! Next to dial up that is....

Hughes net uses a download allowance so you can only download so much before it slows down to a crawl where even Deviant art wont load pages -_-; this would even be ok if they didn't count youtube videos or streaming music.... yeah that makes life as an animator in training hard. so Hughes net you get the rant of the day congrats! * mumble* useless... irritating *mumble*