Monday, October 22, 2012

What a weekend and fursuit updates

So this weekend has been kinda strange and one of those weekends where your not sure what happened on what day or if it was even this weekend. Yeah... It's probably not a good thing.... I'll have my rant later.
I worked on the tail commission a bit which is good. I was going to push to get it done by this weekend but some stuff came up... Go figure! None the less I did get some work done on it and I don't have very much more to do.

Fursuit update:
I have done the next short step to making a fursuit head and added the strips on the sides that the maw will be built off of and the hinge to be added soon after. :) ( ugh my hair looks pretty bad in these pictures :p )
I'm sorry if the pictures are not quite what you need just comment and I'll post more pictures from another angle maybe? Thanks everyone! I hope this will eventually help some people who want to make their own! stay tuned for a tutorial with a moving jaw too!

(For more on how I'm dealing with life issues see previous post)