Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricanes, SATs, and fursuits

The hurricane pretty much missed us this time and we only got sort of  high winds and some rain. I think only a few trees went down and we didn't have school one day *shrugs* thats fine with me! I do urge you to help those in need though because there are plenty of people still without power which means the food in the refrigerator is going bad and they can't get gas anywhere or they have to wait days for it.

So I also took the SATs last saturday.... it was awful and I didn't feel very prepared (not really sure how to be prepared for that the first time :/ ) Yeah... I really hated it I was there for four and a half hours and it was super irritating most of the time (I am so very very bad at math) but it is an important test so I'll have to take it again.... Damn....

So the tail.... this tail is taking so long! I really wish I could have worked on it this weekend more... but I do have it almost finished :) I only have to attach maybe five or six more peices :)

Fursuit update:
so I don't know what to do just yet... I can save the $67 for my fursuit that alithekitsune is making me or I can buy fur and either try and make one myself (not so sure I can do that now) or send it to the person that said she would make me one for almost free (not sure if she can make what I'm looking for though). so I'm pretty confused.

So many things happened in the last week or so that made me super mad! I'll be posting more rants soon :P so look forward to that or don't read them, whatever you want :P 

I'll also be updating stuff about the fursuit I may be making or buying or whichever :) stay tuned

(I have marked some stuff in colors red, green and blue to say what each paragraph is roughly about)