Friday, January 18, 2013

Long time no see!

So I have been pretty busy but things are slowing down (as much as they do I guess -_-; ) I have some cool news and a rant!

I have a friend making my suit for a lot less than anyone else :DD because my BF donated his foam and fur from the suit shes making him to me :D so Im doing a raffle soon on FurAffinity to raise my watchers but when I do that I'll post a bit here and give others a way to enter so stay tuned for a chance to win a free tail!

Other News:
I was asked back to work at the teddy bear factory for their valentines day rush (beginning of Feb to valentines day) so I hope I can save money for ac and school trips!

I'm working on going to college in VT but I really feel lost about the whole process 90% of the time :/
looking at:
Champlain 1
ccv then champlain 2
idk these are just a few things I'm thinking about...

Rant of the day(high school drama):
My best friend has become hard to talk to... I love her to death but she really doesn't like my boyfriend... I can't talk to her about him because she gets upset really easily when I talk about any relationship I have other than our friendship. I can't talk to her about the good parts of my relationship because she gets really sad because she has trouble in relationships but I can't talk to her about just the bad parts or she will think I'm in a bad relationship and bother me to leave him... It all just sucks. Rant rant rant high school drama rant.

So thats all for now but things are crazy so I'm sure I'll write more later!