Friday, January 18, 2013

Today is a strange day....

Ok so most days for me are strange but today is a very strange day. I haven't had much sleep because my boyfriend was in an accident and went off the road the other night and I've been worrying about him. he had a bit of a memory problem this morning and now I'm worrying more. I'm sitting in the middleschool typing away while he's working for like three hours...

I'm hopeing to get my fursuit soon but I'm still 250$ away -_-;; I may have already said that :P but its worth saying more than once... I'll be doing more commissions when my tablet stops being dumb X_X

I really can't get motivated today... my art peice I was working on was not saved before my computer updated on its own x_x;; so I really dont want to re-do it :/

I might do an art stream later since my internet at home should be much much better! :D so look forward to that livesreamers!

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