Friday, January 25, 2013

ugh... some updates and a Rant

hmm... so I did livestream the drawing of ponies and thats up on my livestream here:

so you can watch that if you'd like. I also updated some stuff on one of my deviant art accounts here:

I'll be doing another stream of ponies eventually and maybe a short one of my tail making but I might just do a you tube update

Lets get a little personal here(Rant about friends I will use no names):
In other news I've had a pretty rough week. I suppose I'll explain not that most of you care anyway :P
So I got a message from a "friend" that said basically "why are you such a bitch all the time to me do you hate me?!" I was confused so I asked what she meant. she told me to ask anyone everyone thought I was a bitch, so I asked most of the people we are around on a daily basis and all but one said that they thought I was nicer to her than most other people. the one person who agreed with her was one of my closest friends who then went on a facebook message rampage of how I was a terrible person to the point where I had to block her. I told her we were done. I was very upset at first. I was upset because I knew I was nice to this girl even though she was not so nice to others. I was worried that I might be being rude on accident so I asked people and they all said that it was simply stupid and I was almost always nice to her. 
my reaction(the rant):
As I thought about it I realized that my friend was probably mad about some other stupid thing that I did that must have offended her. She seems to think that everything I do is specifically to offend her and I should never hang out or have a relationship with other people. I was only upset for a day and I couldn't figure why... but I understand now. We had many great times but they did not outnumber the bad and I realized that that relationship had gone south and was no longer in a place where I could muster the energy to fix it again. I've been the one to fix it too many times and I just can't do it any more... I feel kind of bad because I feel like I was a pretty good friend up untill the end but I guess I wasn't. She's also the friend I couldn't talk to about relationship stuff.... so I guess we stopped being friends a while ago and I just never noticed.... 

so I had an interesting week dealing with all of this... in a class of 14 -_-;

Also our school protested the "leggings as pants" ban at our school -_-;;;

Fursuit fund:
I have $10 saved for my fursuit... only $240 left to go ;_;