Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good news fursuit stuff!

I think I might be getting a fursuit from a lovely lady soon! :D

The suit is wonderful! It is a partial with no feet but its still wonderful! I'm really excited and I hope everything works out ok :) she's a kangaroo wolf hybrid and is just the cutest! I'm really looking forward to wearing this suit!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A day at home

I'm home from school today because I feel awful... I haven't been sleeping right and I've been pretty stressed :/

Anyway today is my day to work on some of my stuff for class. I have to work on a research paper, an analytic paper, and some other small papers. So thats part of my plan today.

I also want to work on some stuff for my art portfolio. I'm going to do some vectoring and maybe some stuff in gimp... If I get the chance I want to finish my art for my friends and get the yarn tails I'm working on done -_-;;

I haven't looked into other fursuit makers much yet but I did look a little and so far there is no way I'll be able to get my suit made in time for the end of school... So I'll be trying to make mavis myself soon. It's going to be hard but I think it will be worth it. :)

I'll be posting more often now and please feel free to comment but please be nice!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today was a regular day and school went fine. I wrote a pretty cool beginning to a poem about a song I was listening to for class. I vented a little about my friend who's no longer a friend and tried not to spend money in Burlington. -_-;

After class I was picked up by my boyfriend and we ran some errands for his mother then hung out at his house. We had a pretty good time but it turns out he sprained a muscle in his eye! I didn't even know that was possible! O_o

Fursuit update:
At one point we were talking about his fursuit and how the makers house was now full of bed bugs and so she is going to send the mostly done suit to us to finish after she makes sure there are no bed bugs... So to make this shorter she will not be able to make my suit now -_-;; I'm sad because I don't have the money to buy from another maker and I wont have my suit before school ends :(

Now I'm going to try really hard to make my own because that's the only way I see this working out how I would like. -_-;;;

I'm just getting lots of empty promises for one reason or another lately... It just sucks...

Monday, February 25, 2013

A long day...

Today didn't go as badly as I thought... which is good! It still wasn't tremendously fun either -_-;

I had a really great class today that really helped me lighten up from this morning! It was a class entirely about cheese! yep Cheese. Ethan even brought in samples for us to try of some of the different kinds of cheese there are.

I'm very tired and I miss my boyfriend a lot... I'm having trouble sleeping without him. I miss being able to roll over and cuddle up to him. I'm being a little sappy here but I can do that sometimes! >_<

Anyway I'll be off to bed soon... I have to at least try and sleep :P but before I go...

Fursuit update:
I have about $100 in my fursuit fund as of today and tomorrow I should be doing my Anthrocon registration :D so I think things will be getting better!

I'm excited to get my fursuit but I'm also worried :/ I'll write more of that later :) well anyway goodnight everyone!
 Feel free to leave a comment!

Back to school...

Back to school again... after staying at my boyfriends for a week I really don't want to be here. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything really and I'm just not all here. I really wish I could go home and cuddle him and sleep, thats all I want to do today. Instead of what I want to do I'm at school... Where in a few minutes I'll be outside freezing my butt off... And now my boyfriends truck wont start so I wont be seeing him at all today.... Today is just a great day already -_-;

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How's it going guys?

Hey there! I'm so bad at posting here (I'm on too many sites ;__; ) but I do have some new stuff going through the works yarn tails, art, and fursuit stuff!

so first off things I'm working on right now: 
homework... should do this more
art for friends
tails for friends
art and tail for me :P
pony vectors and learn flash -_-;

Things I need money for:
owl hat for my amazing friend!
Class trips
Anthrocon ( I have a room, now I need money for registration and the night I have to pay for )

I have a paycheck that's supposed to be in the mail this weekend :) but I don't think I'll have the money to cover everything so... I'll be doing a lot of commissions (hopefully) ;__;

I've been staying with my boyfriend for the last week to see if we could live together a bit before we move in this summer :) things are going well! we had a couple fights but we figured them out pretty quickly :P we will both be moving away from where we grew up (I'm leaving the house I came home from the hospital to) and this will be us stepping away from our parents for the first time. I love my family and I know I will be close to them always but this is my learning to be away from them.

I'll be trying many new things and it will be very exciting but also quite scary x_x so I'll probably post a lot here...

new rant coming up shortly because I haven't given you guys a good rant in a while. :P

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Interesting things and an update!

So things on FA are interesting right now as a major fursuit maker and wonderful artist left because of another user (a friend of theirs) had been being harassed by someone on the sight and stalked by them online and eventually offline. the issue was that a journal was put up about the user warning the community of them and a "trouble ticket" was submitted by the woman being harassed which was ignored and the warning journal taken down for harassment of the harasser .. I think that's the quick over view of that and I think it was very poorly handled. anyway that's just how I feel and I'm sure things will get better soon :)

On that note! I have a weasyl account under Runzi333 and a SoFurry account under that too! so I'll be uploading there more often because I never use them... oh and inkbunny.... I'll be updating other sites more!

Fursuit update:
I'm very close to buying my fursuit I'm waiting on a pay check to come so I can pay for it! YAY!!
I'm so excited! I really want to go suiting here before I move out of state!

Other news:
I'm moving this summer with my bf to live with our friends in WVA... WV? (West Virginia)

I'm looking into going to AI in Pittsburgh :D

Monday, February 4, 2013

Things are rough...

So things in my life are getting rough as the school year goes on. I'm no longer friends with two people in my program but I still have to see them on a daily basis... :/ ? I've missed enough days to be worried about missing more and ending up where I don't want to be...
I have to move from the only place I've ever lived to somewhere I've never been this summer. Oh and I'm graduating soon and I'm really lost as to what to do after high school.
My best friend is very sick and I'm super worried.
So I'm super lost and a kind of excited but compleatly scared as well and I just don't really know what to do and I'm also pretty much broke for quite a while. I don't get enough commissions and I don't have a job after working. Not only that but I might not be able to work this time around because they're making me do training again and I'm not sure I can even make it to the training... things are simply rough and I'm really not happy about any of it right now, just stressed.

So not only are most of the major things in my life changing but I'm afraid for my friend and feel almost compleatly lost most of the time. I also havent been sleeping well recently... (can't imagine why)

I'll be updating more soon (hopefully) it helps me to write whats on my mind here and not keep it bottled up.

Yarn Tail updates:
I'm currently working on a few I owe my friends and that will hopefully drum up some commissions but I'm also doing a short tail of my character because my purple tail probably wont last too much longer :/