Monday, February 25, 2013

A long day...

Today didn't go as badly as I thought... which is good! It still wasn't tremendously fun either -_-;

I had a really great class today that really helped me lighten up from this morning! It was a class entirely about cheese! yep Cheese. Ethan even brought in samples for us to try of some of the different kinds of cheese there are.

I'm very tired and I miss my boyfriend a lot... I'm having trouble sleeping without him. I miss being able to roll over and cuddle up to him. I'm being a little sappy here but I can do that sometimes! >_<

Anyway I'll be off to bed soon... I have to at least try and sleep :P but before I go...

Fursuit update:
I have about $100 in my fursuit fund as of today and tomorrow I should be doing my Anthrocon registration :D so I think things will be getting better!

I'm excited to get my fursuit but I'm also worried :/ I'll write more of that later :) well anyway goodnight everyone!
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