Sunday, February 24, 2013

How's it going guys?

Hey there! I'm so bad at posting here (I'm on too many sites ;__; ) but I do have some new stuff going through the works yarn tails, art, and fursuit stuff!

so first off things I'm working on right now: 
homework... should do this more
art for friends
tails for friends
art and tail for me :P
pony vectors and learn flash -_-;

Things I need money for:
owl hat for my amazing friend!
Class trips
Anthrocon ( I have a room, now I need money for registration and the night I have to pay for )

I have a paycheck that's supposed to be in the mail this weekend :) but I don't think I'll have the money to cover everything so... I'll be doing a lot of commissions (hopefully) ;__;

I've been staying with my boyfriend for the last week to see if we could live together a bit before we move in this summer :) things are going well! we had a couple fights but we figured them out pretty quickly :P we will both be moving away from where we grew up (I'm leaving the house I came home from the hospital to) and this will be us stepping away from our parents for the first time. I love my family and I know I will be close to them always but this is my learning to be away from them.

I'll be trying many new things and it will be very exciting but also quite scary x_x so I'll probably post a lot here...

new rant coming up shortly because I haven't given you guys a good rant in a while. :P