Saturday, February 16, 2013

Interesting things and an update!

So things on FA are interesting right now as a major fursuit maker and wonderful artist left because of another user (a friend of theirs) had been being harassed by someone on the sight and stalked by them online and eventually offline. the issue was that a journal was put up about the user warning the community of them and a "trouble ticket" was submitted by the woman being harassed which was ignored and the warning journal taken down for harassment of the harasser .. I think that's the quick over view of that and I think it was very poorly handled. anyway that's just how I feel and I'm sure things will get better soon :)

On that note! I have a weasyl account under Runzi333 and a SoFurry account under that too! so I'll be uploading there more often because I never use them... oh and inkbunny.... I'll be updating other sites more!

Fursuit update:
I'm very close to buying my fursuit I'm waiting on a pay check to come so I can pay for it! YAY!!
I'm so excited! I really want to go suiting here before I move out of state!

Other news:
I'm moving this summer with my bf to live with our friends in WVA... WV? (West Virginia)

I'm looking into going to AI in Pittsburgh :D