Monday, February 4, 2013

Things are rough...

So things in my life are getting rough as the school year goes on. I'm no longer friends with two people in my program but I still have to see them on a daily basis... :/ ? I've missed enough days to be worried about missing more and ending up where I don't want to be...
I have to move from the only place I've ever lived to somewhere I've never been this summer. Oh and I'm graduating soon and I'm really lost as to what to do after high school.
My best friend is very sick and I'm super worried.
So I'm super lost and a kind of excited but compleatly scared as well and I just don't really know what to do and I'm also pretty much broke for quite a while. I don't get enough commissions and I don't have a job after working. Not only that but I might not be able to work this time around because they're making me do training again and I'm not sure I can even make it to the training... things are simply rough and I'm really not happy about any of it right now, just stressed.

So not only are most of the major things in my life changing but I'm afraid for my friend and feel almost compleatly lost most of the time. I also havent been sleeping well recently... (can't imagine why)

I'll be updating more soon (hopefully) it helps me to write whats on my mind here and not keep it bottled up.

Yarn Tail updates:
I'm currently working on a few I owe my friends and that will hopefully drum up some commissions but I'm also doing a short tail of my character because my purple tail probably wont last too much longer :/