Thursday, March 7, 2013

The sun! I forgot what it looked like!

The sun is finally back!! I'm so happy that it's nice outside today! I love days like this at walden because I can be outside to enjoy them! Even right now I'm sitting outside on a fallen tree typing this from my phone. I can here the birds starting their summer songs! :D

The weather is awesome and I really think it could only get better if my boyfriend was here. Xp sorry I'll stop being a sappy kitsune now!

Fursuit update:
I am waiting on my taxes to pay for the suit I've been raving about but they might not be here in time... I'm going to try and sell a yarn tail I've been working on that was going to replace my purple one(that needs to be retired). It's a simple white with a black tip and it's pretty floofy :) I'm not sure how much it will cost though... That's what I'll be figuring out this afternoon when I try and finish it.

I have my list of commissions on my DA and FA mostly and I'll be doing my friend stuff while working on some things I want to sell as I'm quite broke. I am working on a tail commission today and doing some homework...

I'll probably do my rant a little later :) stay tuned!