Monday, March 11, 2013

What an awful day!

... And it's only 9am! Already I have been yelled at my my home room teacher (who has quite little intrest in me) for not thinking my highschool email is worth checking, had to explain what gesundheit was to a high school senior, and listen to the same "what a great game that was" drable from every student. So today is really not going so well for me at a school I already hate with every part of my soul. I'm so glad I go to walden or I may have seriously injured someone today.

Ok I'm going to explain myself a bit here...
1. The teacher and the school email.
My home room teacher is the school art teacher. All I ever do is draw and this woman has never wanted to talk to me about it. Not once has she even mentioned it, even when I draw in front of her. So it's really hard for me to care much about things that go on in home room. Now I have only ever logged in to my school email twice. I have never missed things that were important school wise because of this, but NOW it's a huge deal?? What the hell!? I see everyone who would need to tell me about senior stuff every day and I still have to check a useless email to know when things are?? My graduating class is really damn small you do not need to mass email us to tell all of us something. Or why don't you use my ACTUAL email that I check all the time?? Oh no can't do that it would be too easy for the rest of us....

2. gesundheit girl?
I mean really!? You made it all the way to senior year and no one ever said this to you?? I know we might not be in the most cultural place but really!? No I'm not going to say bless you because I may be the least religious person in the world... I like gesundheit more because in the states it has almost no religious connection.

3. Good game guys!
Our team has been absolutely amazing they haven't lost a game all year and this last weekend they won the last game and a trophy. Now don't get me wrong I think they did a wonderful job but I am getting really sick of hearing the same "wow you guys are great" to the team members that really suck as people. They did a great job now be done. Not to mention that half the team are some of the worst, most arrogant people to be around.

So today really sucks so far and I'm just sick of school and these stupid rude people....