Wednesday, April 17, 2013

very sick.... Rant of the day!

I was supposed to go camping out at the walden land tonight but I'm sicker than I've been in a long time... I hope that I feel better later today and can still go but I'm not sure yet.
I haven't felt like this in a long time and I would love to not have to run to the bathroom every few minutes...
This sucks! I really hope I can go or at least do something productive! BLEH!

So today's rant is being sick when it's super nice outside and you're supposed to be camping! I hate being sick! I always get sick when cool things are happening! I got my boyfriend sick too so I'm even more upset today.

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Furmeet suiting!

My boyfriend and I went to the local furmeet and fursuited with them for the first time! It was at ECHO! Echo is an amazing place check it out HERE (Echo center VT) !

All the suiters!(In front is Shadau, Left to right in the back is Rally and Ahzlon then Empire and Zak)

Some of us decided to chill out!

and a front shot!

Just my boyfriend and I <3 nbsp="" p="">
Ahzlon and us!

I found a cave! (huskaroo in a hole XD )

and a rocking chair! (That rally corgi fell out of!)

Zak and me again! Making mountains!

A group of us did a furry weather report! I'll have that video linked when it's up!

Shadau (tiger) his FA here
Rally (corgi) her FA here
Ahzlon (cat) his FA here
Empire (huskaroo) my FA here
Rythal (Zak) (Dragon cat) his FA here
our camera people! Thanks guys! obsidianrain125's FA and Dingo's FA and also demonshadow21's FA
I'm not sure who took what picture XD sorry!

Friday, April 12, 2013

So sick and tired of being tired and sick!

I've been sick for over a week now... I'm really just done with all of the sniffles and sore throats, not to mention the headaches. BLEH! Can I be done now please??

I've been having really weird dreams too... I think it's from the overnight cold meds. XD

I had a dream last night that a giant panther/tiger/talking animal thingy was trying to get me! It broke my door! ;__; it was scrry... hur...

I'm working away on portfolio work and I really hope I can get my stuff done. I really need to get my personal finance stuff done so I can stop freaking out about it. Bleh!

I suppose people don't care much about all that stuff so I'll put up some more fursuit pictures XD

Another shot with packinko champ!

Hanging with the statue more XP

Time to go silly huskaroo!


fursuiters(fa pages):
Empire (huskaroo): here
Zak (dragon cat): here
Photographer folf:
Nexus: here

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rant of the day!

Hey guys I'm back for my rant of the day!

And today's rant is!
People not reading!
That's right guys! People don't read anything these days! When you comment on something I say I expect you to read all of what I say to you. Read before commenting, Read before replying, or don't type anything back. For the last few days I've been trying to get my point across to some other furs and they keep asking me the same things. If you aren't going to read what I have said don't bother writing back.

People who do the above annoy everyone else and are simply being rude. Take the time to read what people want to say to you or don't post! It truly is that simple!

A nice solo spot

I'm trying to post more so this will be more of an actual life blog. xp

So I'm on "solo time" which is where we go to be alone in the woods for a while. Seems like a little thing right? It's so helpful and important! I am currently sitting on my new favorite spot that it up a little tree and on the perfect branch!
I'm trying to make this short because this is not the point of solo but I really just want to express my love for spring and walden and also solo time!

Thanks for reading! I should have my rant up soon! XD

A long day

Today isn't great and I'm not really happy. I don't really know why...

Bleh! I'm sure things will get better xp

I have lots of stuff to do today though!
-work on tail, find ring, finish base
-homework, new paper, research paper
- Fursuit dance video for freak it Friday! XD hahaha this one will be crazy if I get to it!

I'm not sure what song I'll dance to yet so if you have a suggestion I'm open to it! Feel free to leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fursuiting in public! For the first time!

Ok so I will be uploading a ton of pictures to FA later but I wanted to sneak peek some of them here!

Our friend Nexus took my boyfriend and I out public suiting for the first time last sunday! It was amazing! She literally took 100 pictures of us! hahaha I might post more but here are a few:

Quick! Hide behind Champ!

Kids love us! Hahaha

Here's to you huskaroo! While kitty dragons bein' cool B)

What a lovely ski lift :P

We had a great time out and about even though it was quite windy! :P
I hope you liked the pictures! Please feel free to comment and find us on FA

Empire(huskaroo) the black, white, and blue one on FA :Here
Zak(cat dragon) the all black one with horns on FA : Here 
Our camera carrier Nexus who has an amazing suit : Here

Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally fursuiting!

I have a few pictures of my new fursuit Empire! She's a huskaroo (husky kangaroo) and she's adorable! XP
 Just a quick shot of the first time I put Empire on!
 And one of me sitting on my boyfriends couch watching our friends college basket ball game (A big thing for me since I hate most sports).

I'll be shooting another video soon I think but I do have a dance video up! It was not only my first dance video but my first one in suit! I can't get you tube to put up the link because it wont show my video in the search. >_<;
Damn... oh well!

I'll be posting a reaction to the new york trip I took recently with The Walden project! So look for that! Thanks for reading! Also, please feel free to comment and take my poll! :)