Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally fursuiting!

I have a few pictures of my new fursuit Empire! She's a huskaroo (husky kangaroo) and she's adorable! XP
 Just a quick shot of the first time I put Empire on!
 And one of me sitting on my boyfriends couch watching our friends college basket ball game (A big thing for me since I hate most sports).

I'll be shooting another video soon I think but I do have a dance video up! It was not only my first dance video but my first one in suit! I can't get you tube to put up the link because it wont show my video in the search. >_<;
Damn... oh well!

I'll be posting a reaction to the new york trip I took recently with The Walden project! So look for that! Thanks for reading! Also, please feel free to comment and take my poll! :)