Monday, April 15, 2013

First Furmeet suiting!

My boyfriend and I went to the local furmeet and fursuited with them for the first time! It was at ECHO! Echo is an amazing place check it out HERE (Echo center VT) !

All the suiters!(In front is Shadau, Left to right in the back is Rally and Ahzlon then Empire and Zak)

Some of us decided to chill out!

and a front shot!

Just my boyfriend and I <3 nbsp="" p="">
Ahzlon and us!

I found a cave! (huskaroo in a hole XD )

and a rocking chair! (That rally corgi fell out of!)

Zak and me again! Making mountains!

A group of us did a furry weather report! I'll have that video linked when it's up!

Shadau (tiger) his FA here
Rally (corgi) her FA here
Ahzlon (cat) his FA here
Empire (huskaroo) my FA here
Rythal (Zak) (Dragon cat) his FA here
our camera people! Thanks guys! obsidianrain125's FA and Dingo's FA and also demonshadow21's FA
I'm not sure who took what picture XD sorry!