Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fursuiting in public! For the first time!

Ok so I will be uploading a ton of pictures to FA later but I wanted to sneak peek some of them here!

Our friend Nexus took my boyfriend and I out public suiting for the first time last sunday! It was amazing! She literally took 100 pictures of us! hahaha I might post more but here are a few:

Quick! Hide behind Champ!

Kids love us! Hahaha

Here's to you huskaroo! While kitty dragons bein' cool B)

What a lovely ski lift :P

We had a great time out and about even though it was quite windy! :P
I hope you liked the pictures! Please feel free to comment and find us on FA

Empire(huskaroo) the black, white, and blue one on FA :Here
Zak(cat dragon) the all black one with horns on FA : Here 
Our camera carrier Nexus who has an amazing suit : Here