Friday, May 17, 2013

We are on our way!

So I left school a little early because the teacher I was supposed to be there with was gone. My bf came and got me early so I could finish packing.

So we left a little early, which is good because it will be a little less traffic.

We are headed to new jersey for the weekend to have a good time and hang out. I'm happy that things are getting a little better and starting to calm down.

An awful morning

So nothing is working this morning. Not one thing. Any program I've opened on my computer today has become useless in some way. I tried to make an UTAU video but after the dance finally rendered I realized that it is the short version. WHY IS THAT EVEN A THING??? Oh well... I guess I'll do another song... Nope. UTAU will not play anything without whispering and then yelling at me. What the hell??? YOU WORKED YESTERDAY!!!! Ok well I'll play feral heart for a bit to calm down. Nope won't connect.... I QUIT! Fuck computers.... I didn't even use one to write this. -_-;;; damn what a morning!

Oh and I have a tail to do that I can not work on. And a trip after school that I'm not packed for yet with my boyfriend whos upset with me. Then I get to come home for a night and then leave for mass for a week the next morning.

Not a good day hope things get better. I just want to quit and go back to bed.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So much to do!

Ok so I'm trying to get a little bit more done on my portfolio but I also have to get a tail commission done because it's very late already (this upsets me because I hate being late for things. Even more so when money is involved).

So I think my research project is going to wait a bit and be one of my three things I can turn in after the due date.... I really just can't finish it tonight.

Bleh! I almost forgot! I have an UTAUloid! I should say that more often because I love her! >.< She has her own blog here(click me!) and I'll be getting back into my MMD UTAU mode soon so she will have more 3D model videos soon! Please check it out!

I'll be writing about salem soon as I will be there for a bit next week! Yay!! ^-^

Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer scares me a bit...

I'm excited for summer and I can't wait to see what will happen but I'm also scared that things wont work out right and I might end up somewhere I don't want to be... I love my boyfriend and I don't think we will be ending anytime soon but I also know that one can never know....

It's scary to think I will be away from my parents and some of my close friends. I've never moved from my house before either...

I think I'm just being depressive because the school years almost over and I'm going to really miss going to walden. Walden is the only reason I care about school and going to college. I also made such a lasting bond with most of the others that I'm just going to be very upset to leave.

thanks for listening :) feel free to comment! More to come that is less depressing than this!

The rush is almost done

My portfolio has come along almost perfectly. I really like most of it and I'm fairly proud so far. I have a few more things to do on it for me to feel it's adiquit. I have until Wednesday to have everything said and done.

I am also very late on some requests and two long due commissions. :) I'm glad people are giving me the time I need to get things done well.

I'm almost done.... That's really a strange concept.... I'll post more a little later if I have time :) thanks for reading!

Monday, May 6, 2013

getting closer....

So the end of this year is getting really close! I'm excited and sad but also super scared... I have no idea what's going to happen after I graduate or where I will be. I'm moving with my boyfriend to pennsylvania for a while but even that isn't set in stone. I really am just focusing on getting the last of everything done before my final portfolio is due. which is next monday. and I'm working all of this week from 4-9:00pm. I have almost no time...

Bleh so I'm stressed and I really wish I could finish some of my other stuff too! I owe a yarn tail to a guy and it's super late already! I really just want to have nothing else on my to-do list...

I'll post pictures later tonight (if I can) of the fursuiting at the school!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Please feel free to comment!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fursuiting at my school! :D

I'm fursuiting at my school! XD I get to do it because I'm going to write a paper about peoples reactions to me! :D so far most people have liked it or been confused by it. I've only had a couple people that were scared of me. I'm really strange so a lot of the people that know me were not very surprised. XP

Well so far so good! XD

I'll post pictures later! I'll be updating again soon!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Almost done

So it's late but I wanted to write a quick update!

So I'm really busy lately finishing up high school! I'll be graduating really soon!

I'm also taking way too long to make this pink tail commission ;__; I'm sorry!!!!

My ferret is quite sick and really hates the meds she needs to be on. She actually tried to pull the taste out of her mouth with her paws! Which while cute and made me feel bad ;__; my poor baby!

Also I made up with my friend today... I'm still not sure what to say about that though...

Lots more to come! Including new utau stuff!!!
Feel free to comment! Thanks for listening to me bable! ;p