Friday, May 17, 2013

An awful morning

So nothing is working this morning. Not one thing. Any program I've opened on my computer today has become useless in some way. I tried to make an UTAU video but after the dance finally rendered I realized that it is the short version. WHY IS THAT EVEN A THING??? Oh well... I guess I'll do another song... Nope. UTAU will not play anything without whispering and then yelling at me. What the hell??? YOU WORKED YESTERDAY!!!! Ok well I'll play feral heart for a bit to calm down. Nope won't connect.... I QUIT! Fuck computers.... I didn't even use one to write this. -_-;;; damn what a morning!

Oh and I have a tail to do that I can not work on. And a trip after school that I'm not packed for yet with my boyfriend whos upset with me. Then I get to come home for a night and then leave for mass for a week the next morning.

Not a good day hope things get better. I just want to quit and go back to bed.