Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So much to do!

Ok so I'm trying to get a little bit more done on my portfolio but I also have to get a tail commission done because it's very late already (this upsets me because I hate being late for things. Even more so when money is involved).

So I think my research project is going to wait a bit and be one of my three things I can turn in after the due date.... I really just can't finish it tonight.

Bleh! I almost forgot! I have an UTAUloid! I should say that more often because I love her! >.< She has her own blog here(click me!) and I'll be getting back into my MMD UTAU mode soon so she will have more 3D model videos soon! Please check it out!

I'll be writing about salem soon as I will be there for a bit next week! Yay!! ^-^