Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cleaning and working away!

I'm pretty happy with myself today because I really got some stuff done! I finished some sketches and I'm putting them up on my FA really soon. I hope I can do a little more later on the badges I owe and the ref sheet I keep having trouble with. I really should be better at keeping up with it all! I need to get this stuff done and work on some other stuff I can do faster and better. X_x We also cleaned the room today! :D

I'm also super excited about my suit still and still have no money to send to her and I should really get her some money! GAHH I need to work! I'll have to find something before I work at teddy bear again.....
The more of her suits I see being done the more I get excited to see her make mine! I will at some point talk about the suit but I'm not quite sure how I wan to do it....

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