Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commissioning a fursuit!

So this is a great video by Kuhori and Graves that points out really important stuff you need to look at when deciding on a fursuit maker! I've made a couple of lists here that adds and goes over a lot of what they said. Watch the video it's worth it! Also their other videos are amazing too!

Things fursuit makers should know! (short list to be posted again with more info later!)

1. SEW SEW SEW! Fursuits need to be durable! look into what stitch is used for what part of a suit and use it! DO NOT glue the seams of any part of the suit.

2. Don't cut corners. If it's going to be a little over a deadline then tell the person that and take the time! It's much worse to get a bad review because you cut corners and the customer had problems than if you missed a deadline making sure the product was up to par!

3. symmetry is very important! People will notice and they wont be happy if it's not how it's supposed to be!

4. MARKINGS they need to be right. triple check with the person and make sure their ref is up to date!

5. if you have seen a design like the one you've been asked to make on another character or suit check with the commissioner on it! people do not enjoy when characters are "stolen" or copied. (yes the commissioner should already have looked int characters to make sure they haven't copied but sometimes it's a hard thing to check)

Things a fursuit buyer should know and look for when commissioning a suit! (also to be added to later)

1. know your character! have a ref of them and make sure little details are explained! If a maker misses something because you sent the wrong ref that's your fault!

2. Take a look at how suits are made! This will give you a good indication as to what things can easily be messed up! This will help you know what you're looking for in a suit! Like you will know if you want moving jaws or "follow me eyes" or realistic or toony! Looking into these makes sure you know exactly what your getting! (Also this should show you how hard these are to make and how you shouldn't bother the maker too much about your suit before it's your turn on their list!)

3. READ REVIEWS! Not just on the makers you are interested in but other makers as well. These will show you mistakes others have made in making suits and things that were super helpful to other suiters! like "the stitching on it fell apart, they should have used a ___ stitch instead" or "they put a pocket in the tail for me so I can get to my phone!"

4. MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN'T STOLEN A DESIGN!!!! Do your research before choosing a design! This is a very important point that Kuhori and Graves said quite a bit about it and they are very right! It really sucks to argue with someone who didn't check their facts and stole your design (intentionally or on accident). But if someone has stolen your design then you have to speak to them about it and be polite because they may have simply not seen yours! GET CREATIVE you can be anything, don't just be something because other people are!(I even know a fursuiter who is a purple platypus! Her fursuit is amazing!)
(You don't want to steal a fursona or any other character because you have no idea how much that character can mean to someone!)

5. Mind your budget! If you can't afford a suit at the moment wait until you can! (I'm in a little trouble because of this myself! NOT FUN) It is amazing but not if it's going to break the bank!

So I hope this was helpful to you! I hope more people get fursuits because you can never have enough! XD
Thanks for listening and watching and please feel free to comment and ask me questions if you have any!