Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dungeons and dragons and Runzi, oh my!

Well I have been playing D&D with my cousin and Ry'thal recently. (for those of you who play we were playing on pathfinder!) I sadly just don't get into it as much as they do and I wish it was a little more larp like... But I still have fun! I have to have a lot of things done by them because I've only played a few times. I think things will get better. I usually try to make my character Runzi but so far it's not compleatly her... hopefully I can make her in the game Ry'thal is making now...

Furry warning!
I will put this on all things I put up that don't have much to do with furry things so people don't have to read if they don't want to!

I REALLY WANT TO LARP AND PLAY D&D IN SUIT! I've worn Empi a few times for this but it's not the same :/ I think it's mostly a want to do tons of fun things in suit but I'm not sure XD I think it would be super fun to dress in period clothing and wear my suit to larps and renaissance stuff! I worry that Empire will break in a larp though....

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