Monday, October 14, 2013

FURSUIT STUFF!!! (part 1)

Ok so I know many people only come to my blog to see fursuit stuff so I'm going to start talking about that here! Also I'm sure it will come up again later!

So first off I'm going to talk about Empire! YAY! Hahaha I know very surprising! I've done some really fun crazy stuff with her so far!

This one was taken at the Massachusetts Fur Bowl! Not a great picture but it was still cute! I tried the glowstick eye trick! My boyfriend and I had an amazing time out with our friends and spent lots of time hanging out before and after the meet! (if you can get to mass for one of the fur bowls I greatly recommend it!)

Also went to a few local meets and had a ton of fun!

For some reason I can't find any pictures of the most recent meet but when I do you can find them here!
Find everyone's FA pages here:
(also my Ry'thal was too hot this meet to suit up but he still had fun!)

I'm going to put the videos I've made up in another post or maybe each in their own post soon!