Monday, October 14, 2013


So this is what I've been waiting to talk about! I have very big news! I just posted a big thing about what the fandom is and what each part of it is and fun stuff like that so that even if you don't really know much about furries this post and others after it will make more sense and I hope you will all be excited with me!

So the big news is....... dun dun DUN! I'M GETTING A RUNZI SUIT!!!! YAAAAAAY!
I am so excited! I can't even imagine! I love Empire and I'm not going to stop using her but to put it plainly she isn't me, But Runzi is! Runzi is more me than even I am sometimes and I really can't wait to bring her to life! So you won't see less of Empire you'll just see more of Runzi!
So far I'll only be getting her head for now but if I have the money I will be getting paws or maybe a partial! I'm very very excited about this because I'm getting her from one of my personal favorite makers OMGPineapples!
You can find info on them here(fa page): Click me! or here(actual website): Click me!

If you have seen my blog before you may have seen this lovely lady (Gale Frostbane owned and worn by nexus folf) who was made by the very same maker!
See Gale's FA page here: Click me!!
I have tried Gale's head on before and she was a joy to wear! Many of our friends who suit agree that Gale is wonderfully well made! I am very excited to have a suit from the same maker!

So to sum things up I'M BEYOND EXCITED!!! I really hope I can get my stuff together in time to get Runzi before my birthday! She's supposed to be done near the end of December early January So if I can pay for her a little earlier than that I can have her here before my birthday and do something special! Although to be honest I don't care when I get her as long as I do get her! XD I'm sure you'll see many posts of me freaking out about this suit and how happy and excited I am!