Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hanging out in new york! Site update!

I'm visiting some family in new york with my parents and my boyfriend! I missed them something awful! We went to a great Chinese place (like we usually do!) and are now hanging out on the couch chatting :)

I'm really glad we wet on this trip! I really needed a little time away from the house.

I'm also going to use this time to play video games to tell you about the new things I've added to this blog!

  • I updated the pages and will be doing more! Empire has her own page and I'll be updating a new page for my stuff!
  • I updated my poll and would love for you to check that out and tell me what you'd like to see!
  • I added the "What is furry?" page
  • Not quite an update but my wikifur is on there!
So thanks for reading my stuff and I hope you stick around! XD Feel free to comment!