Saturday, October 19, 2013

Learn your lingo! Fursona!

Ok so in an earlier post I described furry and talked about it a little (also I have added a page on my blog that is a copy of the post so others don't need to look for it!). In the post (and page) I talk a little bit about what a "fursona" is (and before you read any more I would suggest looking at either of those!). This s also a bit of a rant in parts!

Now in the fandom there are a wide variety of furs (What furries call other furries) who all have different opinions and such which is normal for any group, but another normal thing for a group with mostly undefined terms is the fact someone will use those terms without knowing what they mean. Today I will be talking mostly about "fursona" and how people don't seem to know what it means.

I think this is perfect for what I mean!

Fursona and the use of it:
Well fursona means something different for everyone but is usually defined as a persons way of defining themselves. It's a bit like "if i was turned into an anthropomorphic animal right now what would I be?" and can be chosen/ figured out in many ways.

For instance, Runzi has been the animal/artistic representation I have used to portray myself since my grade school days. She became what she is now during middle school where I didn't have many roll models I liked and so she became everything I am and everything I wanted to be. She still is that way, in more ways than one she is "more me" than even I am most days. I often even think what would she be doing about this situation. She found me through my art and my friends and is a combination of things I like and what makes me, me!

Many people have made their fursona in similar ways and we all have a very strong connection to our fursonas. Knowing why your fursona is what he/she is can also be a good way of looking at yourself and who you are as a person! Sadly this great term is, by many peoples standards, used the wrong way.

Some people use the term as if to describe every character they make that has any traits like them. They usually have more than one or two "fursonas" and  have very little in common with them. I've even heard of a fur who would change her ENTIRE character to match her significant other every time she started a new relationship. There are more than a few things wrong with this.
1. if you can change everything about your character even its species more than once or twice every few years then chances are this character is not your fursona (this is different if you haven't found your fursona yet). If the character means so little to you that these changes can be made so easily it is also probably not your fursona.
2. if you change everything about who you are to be with someone chances are you'll be in a lot of relationships before anyone sticks around. (be yourself or your simply being fake and fake is not appreciated in a fandom that loves people feeling safe enough to be themselves or anywhere else for that matter). So as far as I can tell this person had a lot of issues with being herself and not what she thinks others want her to be.

People in the fandom need to realize that having multiple characters is good and very helpful for stretching your creative muscles! Have a true fursona (or two maybe three) and as many characters as you could possibly want!

I have many characters and only one is my fursona, the rest are characters that I like or portray parts of who I am but not all of me at once. for instance, Empire is my more open and child like character because that is a part of me I don't normally portray. I challenge myself to really become her when I put the suit on or play some of my games. (I have characters made of her in furcadia and feral heart!) She isn't really me but can be linked with a part of me. I love her a ton but Runzi is just more me!

Now I know some people have legitimate multiple fursonas and that is great, but those people are not who I'm talking about. Many people just don't seem to understand the word and simply use it for everything that has a trait that even resembles a trait they have.

SO in short know your lingo! If you want to add or contradict anything I've said feel free to comment! XD Thanks for reading!