Sunday, October 20, 2013

Let's chat about unoriginal pokemon! Rant of the day!

So the newest pokemon game just came out (x&y) and I hear even more whining about "unoriginal pokemon". People like to complain about pokemon like this:
Because "It's a sword how unoriginal!" but wait a minute I think this is pretty cool! It looks like some kind of cursed sword type of pokemon! That's really neat!

People need to stop complaining about unoriginal pokemon because there is no such thing! SURPRISE! There just isn't. If there was such a thing more people would complain about any of these "original" gen 1 pokemon:

A pokeball pokemon. (That evolves into a upside down pokeball pokemon.)


A rat named raticate.

Ekans.... Snake backwards, Turns into Arbok.... Kobra? oh cobra I get it!

There is nothing wrong with the new pokemon (or the old ones!) you all just want to whine about it! Stop being stupid and just play the game!

If we didn't have new pokemon we wouldn't have to cute and cool new ones either. There's nothing your whining will do about it except leave you with no one to complain to, so at least let the rest of us play in peace!

End rant! I'm just so sick of hearing this over and over you know? jeez! Anyway feel free to comment and follow the site or join it for more silly rants about silly things!