Monday, October 21, 2013

Rant of the day! More fursona problems!

Now I know it wasn't too long ago that I posted about the fursonas but it has come up again. This time much worse.

I found a fellow who had, and I'm not exaggerating, thirty five "fursonas". Yep.... I'm just going to post what I wrote in my fa journal (which is a true rant so I'm a little less polite!):

Yeah you read that right. I just accidentally played "Detective" onto a furs page who had 35 fursonas. Just fursonas.

They then had a whole list of "other characters" that was like 20 characters long.

then another complete for ponies that had at least ten.......

Almost all of their art was porn as well...... almost all, like they would have two pictures instead of three pages is safe for work mode was on.

Well guys, I have met the walking embodiment of the kind of fur I hate and never want to deal with. I don't say this lightly either. 

I found their page because they were causing a lot of trouble to a fursuit maker a few years back and I wanted to see if they ever got the suit they bitched so much about. It looks like they put up a huge stink over nothing and never got the suit but the art they had and the "fursonas" they had.....

Lets just say I haven't blocked an account and connecting accounts so fast in my life! Joking but not really.

I wouldn't care so much but 35 is excessive and just dumb. I understand one or two maybe three fursonas to really play up each character but if you have 35 different sides I probably already want nothing to do with you. How can you possibly care as much as you should about your fursona about 34 other characters at the same time. I could have this person wrong but from the stupid things they had posted and the *ahem* "fursonas" that they had I wanted nothing to do with them and blocked them before I started drama... bleh! 

I just feel that you can't have that many "fursonas" and have any of them be your actual fursona let alone all of them at once. It feels like this person wants as many characters as possible so they never have to settle on one and they call them all fursonas because of what I was talking about the last time I talked about this. 

I feel like this person uses fursona to describe any character that has any traits that even resemble traits they themselves have and this is simply stretching the word to cover ones own insecurities. I honestly think this person is very self centered or they wouldn't identify with so many characters so easily... I also think they make characters just to have characters of different species and colors so they always have something to draw instead of being a little more creative.

I only bring this up because their "fursonas" all have like three alter egos which are pretty much "Nina" "Nina evil" "Nina hoe" and other similar things that are almost redundant. I suppose I would be less critical if they weren't "fursonas" but were just characters because that's what they seem like. They could also use better names as some of them were BAD, like Egypt the Egyptian bad.... I just think this person could do a lot better but then I think of the big stink they put up and think I'm probably giving them too much credit.

I also have a problem with people who only have porn of their fursona(s). This person had an abundance of that. :/ I get that people like the roll playing side of it and such but this is a little ridiculous.

I guess I should put this under "furries ruin everything" even being furry x.x but it just upset me to think about how much my Runzi means to me and see this joker use the term on so many characters that probably don't mean anything but porn entertainment for them. I'm sure the character at the top of the list was probably their ACTUAL fursona but for whatever reason they felt they needed 34 others to fill some void. All I wish is that people would really respect the term fursona and not abuse the privilege of expressing oneself. It's like when assholes protest funerals because they "Have the right to", yes you do but you're completely abusing it like the douche nozzle you are! Whatever I need to stop yammering on about it and just move on.

Ok I think I'm about done... I'm only writing this to vent frustration so don't take this personally anyone! I'm just dumbfounded and saddened mostly :/ BLEH! I'll stop being a butt now!

oh well can't win them all X.x  "

This is exactly what I wrote and exactly how I feel. Many people commented saying that 35 was too much and that there were too many to be true fursonas. A fursona should be a very special character that really represents you as a person. I think this quote is a great example of what I'm trying to say!

"I think people have one sona that really is the animal embodiment of them, and then every one after that they lose a little bit of themselves when they have so many sonas, or honestly just dont know who they are."    -Saber Glo

I also feel that many of these "fursonas" were not well planned characters either. If you have ten "fursonas" and each one has multiple characters that are the fursona with a different trait then you don't have full characters.

Fursonas by default are usually well thought out characters because they are based off of real people with real traits and real characteristics. Fursonas tend to have faults as well as things they excel at based on a real person. This makes them very strong characters. This person had many versions of their characters to fit various descriptions instead of well thought out characters with pros and cons.

Not everyone has just one sona but I feel like it's easy to just have another character instead of really fleshing out the one you have.

I just think this person could do a lot better with less, but I may have to high hopes. People have the right to do what they want but I have the right to not like it and not be around them.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts! :3