Thursday, October 31, 2013

So I'm pretty excited for Halloween!

I'm not going to know what we are doing for Halloween until we wake up a little later (It's late!) but I'm still excited!

This may be one of the first years I don't freeze my butt off! It's quite cold out recently but it's only supposed to rain and not snow at least! xp

My boyfriend and I might go up to the outdoor market place to suit with our friends or if they're busy we might just suit around the local area and see who we run into! Although if it does rain we might have to hang out inside and do some kind of tiny chat with anyone else who isn't out and about!

No matter what happens I will have pictures of it!

I Am very excited to be running around as a silly huskaroo doge for Halloween! XD 

I'm sure at some point in the day or night I'll also be celebrating a little wicca but I'm not sure if I'll talk about that more or not...

ALSO! I did decide on a costume for Empire! She will be going as a cute little witch! At least unless I change my mind... But I do have more costume for a witch than anything else... (can't imagine why! XD )
Decisions, decisions!