Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video games!!!

So I've been playing some video games recently! I recently received a new Miku hatsune game project diva F! I've also fallen into the pokemon hype but I can't afford a 3DS so I've been playing Zeta instead!

So Pokemon zeta.... so far I like many of the things you can do in it and I'm sure there are many more fun things to do that I haven't discovered yet.... but that's the problem, I've been playing for seven hours and I'm barely past the first gym.... in the first town.... I love the detail and the game is really made for the fans but I hope when they get out of beta leveling up pokemon will be a little easier! I've bearly been able to get anywhere and it's becoming tedious!

I really like the look of pokemon x and y though. I might buy a 2DS and get it but untill then I'll just have to wait!