Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween fun! (fursuiting, trick-or-treat with friends, and handing out candy!)

So we ended up giving out some candy to kids at my boy friends house and then started out on our Halloween adventures!
This was my costume for greeting the trick-or-treaters! (I was a witch obviously!)
(the feet are just silly monster slippers until I can afford real feetpaws for Empire but they are still very cute!)

Ry'thal also suited up to answer the door a few times but the rain made for a lot less candy traffic. We still had a great time being silly and dorky as we usually are!

After that we went back to our local area and looked for my friends who we were supposed to meet up and trick-or-treat with but we never did find them! XD
We looked for a while and met a couple of people I knew before we bumped into a rather large group of loud kids who all happened to know me and as soon as one of them saw me they all immediately ran screaming into me. I knew who it was who tackled me so I wasn't worried but the funny part was the entire group wanted to say hi! I felt very loved! Hahaha I'm really glad we ran into them because we eventually just went door to door with them instead of our other friends!

If any of them read this I love you guys! XD You are all hilarious and amazing people to be around!

We have a wind advisory that started at like six this morning and goes into tomorrow so I had to ditch my hat and dress for running around outside (also had to ditch the silly feets for shoes that would keep out moisture a bit better). I did keep the cape on and many people really loved Empire!

I had a Ton of really great reactions from people! I even had a young Indian couple ask me for a picture! They had the worlds cutest little girl with the biggest brown eyes! She was a little afraid of me though. ^_^;
I only had three "what does the fox say" references tonight so that isn't too bad! XD
I did get a lot of "costume of the night!" comments though which is funny because I'm kind of cheating XD oh well!

I really had a great night hanging with my friends and my boyfriend. I loved being Empire on Halloween! I really wish we had better weather but it has been way way worse in past years. Overall I'm really happy! Feel free to comment and chat with me about fun Halloween stuff or anything else! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVEYONE!!! Xp