Saturday, December 7, 2013

So wow I need to post more!

Well... where to start?
I had my bag stolen at work, I worked super long hours at work this past week and I've been sick for almost that whole time. BUT I'm starting to turn all of that around and get things back in order! (I'm trying to dwell less on the bad things and focus on the good so this is short!)

The good news is I'm in a very good mood because I should be able to pay quite a bit towards my Runzi suit! I'm also Happy about THE X-MAS SEASON!!! I couldn't send any money this week towards my suit because I spent a little too much on christmas stuff. Oops! Well at least I have some stuff for the family!

I say x-mas because as people like to make this holiday a religious one I do not and I'm not fond of why a certain well known religion chose this date as one to celebrate someone's unbirthday( yes un-birthday, watch alice in wonderland for the reference). If you want to argue this then go elsewhere as I wont chat about that here. I SAY ALL OF THIS because I LOVE this holiday! It means the world to me because it's a big family thing at my house. We all get together and make amazing memories! I'll talk about this a ton and have pictures for you later!

I'm super glad I'm working and able to make money! I'm trying to reteach myself to be more positive lately because of the three fold law and some other new information I've been shown. I have depression so I think this will be a quite useful weapon in my fight with it. xp

I think I'll start by keeping a journal... This blog itself is a bit like one but I'm not quite as personal about things here....

Anyway! I'm back again and I hope to post more (I know I say this a lot I'm sorry!). I'll be updating some things soon I hope!