Monday, April 14, 2014

New video!

Yep just uploaded a quick one from today! Just a little update!

I have to put it in a link because blogger has the stupidest youtube search in the entire world.
Click here for the video!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yay I have a day off!

Yep I have tomorrow off! I should have checked my phone earlier but I think I'm still doing ok.
I think I'll shoot a couple videos tomorrow while my boyfriend is at work...

I really hope I can get a couple done and have them set up to be uploaded later this week too! I think it wouldn't be great to upload them all at once. xp

I should maybe do that on this blog too oops! XD

Hmm what to do?

So I think I may shoot a quick video tonight just letting everyone know what my channel is about and who I am! I'm not quite sure what to say just yet but I will say something! XD

I hope I'm at least entertaining to my friends if nothing else! I'll probably post that video up here if I get to it but I'm not sure yet. It might just be a quick "this is my channel" type of video so who knows!

I'm worried about getting enough sleep tonight... I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I don't want to show up to work useless. Maybe I'll just try and go to sleep earlier... but I don't like to do that if I'm not tired enough because then I just waste time laying in bed when I could be doing something more productive. BLEH! I suppose I'll just figure it out later x.x
I wish we had zzzquil. It's like nyquil but not a cold medicine. hmm...

Saturday, April 12, 2014


So if I don't post as often it's because I'm working a lot and I forget to post things when I'm tired. OOPS!

I found an embroidery shop nearby that does signs and screen printing as well as embroider stuff and I'm super excited to work again! I wish I could sleep less and still not feel gross though. I usually need a ton of sleep to feel good and working 9am to 5pm all week is quite tiring for me(I have depression so I'm usually tired anyway). I do have weekends off though, which is really cool! So hopefully I'll be able to do videos and other stuff still!

I think I'm going to do my "youtube comments" video first because it's been on hold till I got my Runzi head... but now that I have her I really should just do it! Roko already posted her's so I'm behind!

Runzi has arrived!

Yep last Wednesday my wonderful Runzi head arrived from OMGPineapples!
I haven't had much time to post about her as I started a new job the same day. x.x

Here is her unboxing video!

I hope you guys liked it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So Free Cone Day was cool!

We ended up not suiting because my friends couldn't make it, which was ok. I had fun anyway and it probably would have been better had my boyfriend and I known it was going to get cold. We ended up leaving a while after my parents came to get my sister and went with them to Denny's for supper. This was all after my cousin disappeared and we went looking for him for like an hour. So things could have been a lot better but they weren't all bad. :) Ate a LOT of ice cream and had a good time other than the couple hiccups. I do wish we had gone to tea but Kibby had to be home to get up early tomorrow morning. x.x

I really hope my suit is here tomorrow... I'm not going to be happy if it's late and it has not moved (as far as tracking it goes) since this morning before we got up. I'm a state over it should at least be IN my state by now! -__-; COME ON USPS!!!

Still in NH and free cone day!

So Runzi is still being shipped from New Hampshire and will probably get here tomorrow like we thought. :)
I'm really glad gel put insurance on it because I didn't remember to ask! Oops!

In other news IT'S FREE CONE DAY!!! I hope you all can get to a Ben and Jerry's near you before 8pm! I will be going up and hanging with some of our friends on church street and fursuiting for a bit after we get our ice cream! :D

It may be that last time you see Empi for a bit as I will be super excited with Runzi at first and will probably wear only her for a little while! XD Empi isn't going anywhere but she does get a bit of a break! Expect pictures! :D

My refresh button is going to hate me! (and reminder of free cone day!)

I just keep checking to see if my suit has gone anywhere even though it has probably stopped moving around until tomorrow. It has made it to a sorting station though so that's good! Usually things go pretty fast from there out! It says thursday online but both Gel and I think she'll be here wednesday.

I'm really glad she'll be here then instead of tomorrow actually! If it comes wednesday then I will be home to get the box straight from the delivery guy!

But tomorrow (today now?) is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's! I'm really looking forward to going to it! I hope I can wear Empire for a bit but I'm still not sure when we will be up in burlington.
If there is a Ben and Jerry's near you then you Need to go to free cone day!

Monday, April 7, 2014


That's right My first fursona fursuit head and first commission of any kind shipped earlier today! I'm just doing my daily stuff and refreshing the page a ton right now. XD

I'm going to probably cry and be a huge sap when my box gets here! Expect that or over the top excitement!  Maybe both. I will probably put her on in the unboxing video and then maybe shoot a few other videos if I have time! I'm planning so many things and she's barely left my makers home! XD

I'll be doing an unboxing video and I'll be posting that here when it's up but if you want to see my other videos or subscribe for an actual notification Click here! I also have my current fursuit account here! (Yep Empi is my fragile sweetheart xp and silly husky kangaroo)

If you want to commission my maker I will say that she has been wonderful the entire time I worked with her! I've seen three or four of her suits up close and worn my friends a couple of times and I'm very happy with my choice so far! Check out her stuff on her website: She is opening for new commisions soon so send in your quote now!

Here is a review of my friends suit Gale (the one I tried on and love to pieces) on Fursuit Critique's of FA!

How to act at a furmeet/costume meet!

OK so here's my shtick:
There was an issue(or more than one) with a member the local fur group I'm friends with. He ended up "leaving the fandom" and trying to say it was all the VT furs fault. No do NOT try and blame Rally and Ahzlon for your own misbehavior at the meets. Do not try and throw a pity party for yourself because someone had an issue with your actions.

Take responsibility and own up to the problems people are bringing up to you. It may be hard to deal with but no one wanted you to leave, they just wanted you to change the actions that made everyone uncomfortable and in some cases possibly unsafe.

Reread the rules of coming to the meets and respect other people or don't come.

It's not ok to make others uncomfortable or irritated while they are supposed to be having fun just for you to enjoy things more. I do not appreciate how you tried to tell your friends that we hate you and are mean to you (literally half of what really happened and half plain bologna) when we tried to be as nice as possible without letting you do whatever you want. You simply can't do some of the things you did and were planning to do. Not around us and not where we were going.

From here on is important bulleted lists on furmeets or 
any other costume meet up
(warning a bit of a rant at times)

  • Don't have impolite conversations out in public. No talking about bedroom stuff around strangers. (not even just a fur meet rule just general don't be rude kind of stuff) this makes the group as a whole look like something they are not (don't drag others into your dirty laundry)
  • Don't take pictures of people who don't want their picture taken (also common sense but applies to all costume type scenarios)
  • Don't bother other people who are at the venue of the meet who are not at the meet in particular. (It is not a convention not everyone is a furry/anime fan don't act like you can get away with bumping into people or in general bothering them!)
  • DO NOT TOUCH SOMEONE OR THEIR STUFF IF THEY DON'T GIVE YOU PERMISSION. Big issue. No you cannot just grab someones tail or hanging costume accessories just as you cannot just grab someones shirt or pants. There is such a thing as personal space even for people in costume (imagine that!) and you need to respect that.
  • Do not make the group look like something we are not. YOU might like something but you don't have the authority to represent all of us. ( I DO NOT LIKE TO BE SHOWN AS SOMETHING I'M NOT. I think a lot of people will agree that it is not ok when a member of something you're attending does something dumb and everyone catches the blame. DON'T BE THAT GUY/GAL!)
  • When someone tells you to stop doing whatever it is you are doing respect that. (When the people running the meet tell you to politely stop you need to stop right away. They are trying to keep everyone happy and safe not just raining on your parade. )
  • If the people running an event ask you to leave respect it. They may ask you back at a later time if you don't push your limits.
  • RESPECT THE VENUES RULES! If the place in which the meet is being held doesn't allow something you want to do, don't go or don't do it it's that simple. No costumes means no costumes whether you like it or not. also don't bring drinks or loud music or whatever the rule is because they are there to protect and keep happy the other people who go there! (99% of the time the group also has no control over this so don't whine at them.
  • Also respect that people not in the group will generally be there! Don't try and recruit them or get in their way, they are not there to deal with you.
  • You are not the center of attention. No one HAS to do anything for you and you need to remember that.
  • DO NOT blame the group for telling you of any of these or asking you to leave. (YOU did that not them.)
  • DO NOT try and throw a pity party to your friends about how mean the group is. (If I ran the group this would win you a nice ban but I'm not as nice as the admins of VT furs)
  • DO NOT try and blame them for any other trouble you have or any action you take thereafter.
    (For our group in particular: WE did not tell you you could not be in the fandom or that we would even do anything if you stayed. NO ONE told you to "burn your costume" or anything of the like. Don't try and blame anyone for that but yourself.)
  • Do NOT try and whine at the group admins to get your way. (Unless you are one of their small children this should be common sense.)
  • Do NOT try and show up to a venue in an outfit that would be against their dress code. For instance, wearing a costume that is very revealing to a place with a lot of children. If you have already been told not to do this and try to anyway you shouldn't be going to meet ups you are not mature enough. (It really is that simple.)
  • Do not try and make things harder on those running things (they work hard so you can have fun)
I'm not saying these things to be mean or spiteful. These rules are in place for a reason and if you don't understand them you need to ask or just go with it. 
Most of these rules allow meet ups to keep happening and keep being safe and fun for all involved. I really mean that last one, IF YOU DON'T LIKE HOW SOMETHING IS DONE DON'T COME you'll just make those who do like it angry and upset with you.

End rant/ info dump! xp

I really like going to local fur meets and people like this put those meets in danger of not continuing! That puts everyone on edge and makes people who like to go uneasy and unhappy. If you are the person who ends up causing trouble then just apologize or have fun elsewhere. You make me mad when you act childish and throw tantrums.

Wow what a huge amount of text! Sorry everyone! Hope this can help some people.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The wait kills sometimes!

I am so impatient! I really want my suit and it's only a few days away! It is supposed to arrive on free cone day though O.o so I might not get it until we get home from church street. I kind of hope it will be earlier or a day later just so I can wait for it and get it from the delivery guy myself! Although I don't think it will be too big of a deal for me to wait much longer as I have waited quite a while already. xp

It took me forever to pay of just my head and I ended up feeling like I was annoying my fursuit maker. She was super sweet the whole time and I was so grateful for it as I really felt bad for not getting money to her when I would have liked. She really is a sweetheart!When I buy the paws and tails from her I will be paying all at once xp and then maybe I'll do a full suit but I'm on the fence about it right now :p I have time to figure it out!

I really do want to thank her for it (even though I probably sent a thank you every email) and when I do my unboxing video she will get a TON of thank you's! XD I really just can't wait.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Runzi suit update!

Runzi's hair clip stuff came in and ended up being quite a bit too small. So Gel made a new one and took pictures! I'm only going to show these few though!
Isn't she adorable!? XD
And cute little teeth I forgot to show!

So she is rescheduled to be sent out monday! Gah the wait is awful but I'm glad Gel took these pictures!
I had a dream the other night or unboxing her and trying her on for the first time and it made me so happy. I'm really impressed with her so far and I'll love to see her up close soon!

OMGPineapples is opening really soon so if you like this cute face then go get one of your own! XD

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life stuff (updates)

So things at my house have gotten pretty crazy. My dad thought he was going to lose his job (my mom only works part time for min wage) so we were worried about our house. He ended up being fine but he got a job offer from an old friend to work with him in Nebraska, I won't go into details but it is an amazing deal! He and my mom (and my lil sis if she can) are going to go visit him and see if they would like the work sometime soon. That means my boyfriend and I may have to either go with them or find somewhere else to live. SO I CAN'T MAKE PLANS TO DO ANYTHING AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS.

Also our friends that we were going to go with to Anthrocon have broken up and we don't have a room. Another friend offered room space but I CAN'T MAKE PLANS. I understand why I can't plan on anything because Nebraska is far away and we may end up there but I'm still frustrated by it.

In good news I might have a job! I have a lot of embroidery experience so an embroidery shop near where my kitty works might hire me! :D

ok I think I'm done talking for now! I'll update on my suit when I can!

BIG NEWS (not april fools stuff)

So I have super big news!

Yep that's right Runzi is near completion! Find her maker here: CLICK ME for awesome stuff!!!

I will be posting videos and much more with her when she arrives! Tomorrow she is scheduled to receive finishing touches and get studio photos taken and friday she should be shipped out and I should have her saturday or monday! :D
I'm very excited about this and it almost feels unreal. I haven't been in the fandom long but I have had Runzi since middle school and a character like a fursona since long before that. I really just fell in love with fursuits when I first heard of them and have been an avid suiter since! I will be over the moon when Runzi is here and someday I'll have her be a fullsuit and be just as excited!

Edit: I have fixed the picture sorry! XD